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"servire" Italian translation




to serve

Part of speech



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Meaning: to serve (in the sense of providing a service or assistance)

Il cameriere serve i clienti al ristorante.

The waiter serves the customers at the restaurant.

Meaning: to be useful

Questa macchina mi serve per andare al lavoro.

This car is useful for going to work.

Meaning: to need

Ho bisogno di un aiuto, mi servirebbe una mano.

I need some help, I could use a hand.

Meaning: to be required

Per entrare nel paese, serve il passaporto.

To enter the country, a passport is required.

Meaning: to be served (in the sense of being presented with food or drink)

Il pranzo è servito!

Lunch is served!



  • io servo
  • tu servi
  • lui/lei serve
  • noi serviamo
  • voi servite
  • loro servono


  • io ho servito
  • tu hai servito
  • lui/lei ha servito
  • noi abbiamo servito
  • voi avete servito
  • loro hanno servito


  • io servirò
  • tu servirai
  • lui/lei servirà
  • noi serviremo
  • voi servirete
  • loro serviranno


  • io avevo servito
  • tu avevi servito
  • lui/lei aveva servito
  • noi avevamo servito
  • voi avevate servito
  • loro avevano servito

Simple Past

  • io servii
  • tu servisti
  • lui/lei servì
  • noi servimmo
  • voi serviste
  • loro servirono


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A1: Mi serve una penna.

A1: I need a pen.

A1: Ti serve aiuto?

A1: Do you need help?

A1: Gli serve un caffè.

A1: He needs a coffee.

B1: Ho servito il pranzo alle due.

B1: I served lunch at two o'clock.

B1: Sei stato servito male al ristorante?

B1: Were you served poorly at the restaurant?

B2: Servirò la cena quando arriveranno tutti.

B2: I will serve dinner when everyone arrives.

B2: Sono stata servita gentilmente dal cameriere.

B2: I was kindly served by the waiter.

C1: Avrei dovuto servire il dessert dopo il secondo piatto.

C1: I should have served the dessert after the main course.

C1: Quando sarai arrivato, avrò già servito l'aperitivo.

C1: When you arrive, I will have already served the aperitif.

C2: Se fossi stato più attento, avresti potuto servire meglio i clienti.

C2: If you had been more attentive, you could have served the customers better.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'servire' in Italian means 'to serve' in English. It is a regular -ire verb and is commonly used in various contexts.

In the context of serving food or drinks, 'servire' is used to describe the action of providing or offering something to someone. For example, 'Il cameriere mi ha servito un caffè' translates to 'The waiter served me a coffee'.

'Servire' can also be used in a broader sense to indicate helping or assisting someone. In this case, it implies providing support or aid to someone. For instance, 'Mi serve una mano con questo lavoro' means 'I need a hand with this work'.

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