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Settimana is an Italian noun that translates to 'week' in English.

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Meaning: week

La settimana scorsa sono andato al mare.

Last week I went to the beach.

Meaning: workweek

La settimana lavorativa è molto impegnativa.

The workweek is very demanding.

Meaning: seven-day period

La settimana prossima inizieremo un nuovo progetto.

Next week we will start a new project.

Meaning: calendar week

Il mio compleanno cade nella settimana 25 del calendario.

My birthday falls on week 25 of the calendar.


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A1: La settimana ha sette giorni.

A1: The week has seven days.

A1: Vado al cinema ogni settimana.

A1: I go to the cinema every week.

A1: La scuola inizia lunedì prossimo.

A1: School starts next Monday.

B1: Questa settimana ho lavorato molto.

B1: This week I worked a lot.

B1: Martedì scorso sono andato a fare shopping.

B1: Last Tuesday, I went shopping.

B2: Ho trascorso una bellissima settimana in vacanza.

B2: I spent a wonderful week on vacation.

B2: La settimana prossima partirò per un viaggio di lavoro.

B2: Next week I will leave for a business trip.

C1: Durante la settimana, mi piace dedicare del tempo alla lettura.

C1: During the week, I like to spend some time reading.

C1: Ho pianificato il mio allenamento per tutta la settimana.

C1: I have planned my workout for the whole week.

C2: La settimana scorsa ho completato un progetto molto importante.

C2: Last week I completed a very important project.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italy, the concept of settimana or week is an important aspect of daily life. The typical work schedule in Italy is from Monday to Friday, with Saturday and Sunday being the weekend. This means that the idea of a seven-day cycle is deeply ingrained in Italian culture.

The word settimana can also be used in various expressions and idioms in Italian. For example, 'fare la settimana corta' means to have a short workweek, while 'settimana bianca' refers to a winter vacation spent skiing in the mountains.

It's worth noting that the days of the week in Italian are named after celestial bodies (lunedì for moon, martedì for Mars, etc.), which adds another layer of cultural significance to the concept of settimana.

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