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Sicuro is an Italian adjective that means safe, secure, or certain.

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Meaning: safe

Mi sento sicuro in questa città.

I feel safe in this city.

Meaning: sure

Sono sicuro che arriveremo in tempo.

I'm sure we'll arrive on time.

Meaning: certain

Sono sicuro di aver chiuso la porta a chiave.

I'm certain I locked the door.

Meaning: confident

Sono sicuro di poter vincere questa gara.

I'm confident I can win this race.

Meaning: secure

Ho messo i miei soldi in una cassaforte sicura.

I put my money in a secure safe.


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A1: Sono sicuro che arriverai in tempo.

I am sure you will arrive on time.

A2: Questa è una zona molto sicura.

This is a very safe area.

A2: Sii sicuro di portare l'ombrello oggi.

Be sure to bring your umbrella today.

B1: Sono stato sicuro di aver chiuso la porta a chiave.

I was sure I had locked the door.

B2: Non sono sicuro se ho capito bene le istruzioni.

I'm not sure if I understood the instructions correctly.

B2: Se fossi sicuro del risultato, non avrei paura di provare.

If I were certain of the outcome, I wouldn't be afraid to try.

C1: La sicurezza dei dati è fondamentale per la privacy degli utenti.

Data security is essential for user privacy.

C2: Dopo anni di esperienza, si sentiva sicuro di poter gestire qualsiasi situazione.

After years of experience, he felt confident he could handle any situation.

C2: Nonostante le difficoltà, il pilota ha fatto atterrare l'aereo in modo sicuro.

Despite the difficulties, the pilot safely landed the plane.

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The word sicuro is commonly used in Italian to describe something that is safe or secure. For example, you might say 'questo posto è sicuro' to indicate that a place is safe and free from danger. Similarly, you might use the word to describe a person who is reliable and trustworthy. In this context, sicuro implies a sense of confidence and certainty.

Another common usage of sicuro is to express certainty or assurance about something. For instance, you might say 'sono sicuro che arriveremo in tempo' to indicate that you are certain that you will arrive on time. In this sense, the word conveys a sense of confidence and conviction.

Overall, the word sicuro is a versatile adjective that can be used to convey a range of meanings related to safety, security, and certainty. Whether you are describing a physical space, a person's character, or your own beliefs and convictions, sicuro can help you communicate your thoughts with clarity and precision.

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