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Meaning: Mrs.

La signora Rossi è molto gentile.

Mrs. Rossi is very kind.

Meaning: lady

La signora che abita accanto a me è sempre molto elegante.

The lady who lives next to me is always very elegant.

Meaning: woman

La signora che lavora nel mio ufficio è molto brava.

The woman who works in my office is very talented.

Meaning: madam

Posso aiutarla, signora?

Can I help you, madam?


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A1: La signora è molto gentile.

A1: The lady is very kind.

A1: Ho visto la signora al supermercato.

A1: I saw the lady at the supermarket.

A2: La signora ha un cane.

A2: The lady has a dog.

B1: La signora sta cucinando la cena.

B1: The lady is cooking dinner.

B1: Mia madre è una signora molto elegante.

B1: My mother is a very elegant lady.

B2: La signora aveva già mangiato quando sono arrivato.

B2: The lady had already eaten when I arrived.

C1: La signora avrebbe voluto partecipare all'evento, ma non poteva.

C1: The lady would have liked to attend the event, but she couldn't.

C1: Sono rimasto colpito dalla signora che ho incontrato ieri sera.

C1: I was impressed by the lady I met last night.

C2: La signora si è dimostrata una grande leader durante la crisi.

C2: The lady proved to be a great leader during the crisis.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "signora" is an Italian noun that translates to "madam" or "lady" in English. It is used as a respectful form of address for a married woman.

In Italian culture, the term "signora" is often used to show respect and politeness when addressing a woman who is married or of a certain age. It is similar to the English term "Mrs." but can also be used more broadly to address any woman in a polite manner.

When speaking directly to someone, it is common to use the title "signora" followed by their last name. For example, if addressing a woman named Maria Rossi, you would say "Signora Rossi." This usage reflects the importance of formalities and respect in Italian society.

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