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Meaning: syllable

La parola 'casa' ha due sillabe.

The word 'casa' has two syllables.

Meaning: slur

Il cantante ha pronunciato la sillaba in modo sbiadito.

The singer pronounced the slur in a faded way.

Meaning: foot (poetry)

Il verso ha cinque sillabe.

The verse has five feet.

Meaning: segment of speech sound

La sillaba 'ba' è presente nella parola 'banana'.

The speech sound segment 'ba' is present in the word 'banana'.


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La sillaba è l'unità fondamentale della pronuncia.

The syllable is the fundamental unit of pronunciation.

La parola 'casa' ha due sillabe.

The word 'casa' has two syllables.

Devi dividere la parola in sillabe per poterla scrivere correttamente.

You need to divide the word into syllables in order to write it correctly.

La sillaba accentata determina la pronuncia di una parola.

The stressed syllable determines the pronunciation of a word.

Nella lingua italiana, la sillaba finale non può terminare con una consonante diversa da 'n' o 's'.

In the Italian language, the final syllable cannot end with a consonant other than 'n' or 's'.

La divisione in sillabe può variare a seconda del dialetto regionale.

The division into syllables can vary depending on the regional dialect.

Il bambino ha imparato a leggere e scrivere le parole con più di tre sillabe.

The child has learned to read and write words with more than three syllables.

La poesia è caratterizzata dall'uso creativo delle sillabe accentate e non accentate.

Poetry is characterized by the creative use of stressed and unstressed syllables.

Nella pronuncia corretta, ogni sillaba deve essere chiaramente distinguibile.

In proper pronunciation, each syllable must be clearly distinguishable.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'sillaba' in Italian translates to 'syllable' in English. A syllable is a unit of pronunciation that consists of a vowel sound or a combination of sounds with one vowel at its center. It is the basic building block of words and plays an important role in the rhythm and structure of language.

In Italian, as in many other languages, syllables are crucial for correct pronunciation. Each syllable is pronounced separately and has equal stress, making it easier for learners to articulate words correctly. Understanding the concept of syllables can also help in improving reading skills and developing a natural flow in speaking Italian.

When learning Italian, it is helpful to practice breaking down words into their constituent syllables. This can aid in mastering pronunciation and recognizing patterns within the language. By understanding how syllables work, learners can enhance their overall fluency and comprehension.

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