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Sistema is an Italian noun that translates to system in English. It refers to a set of interconnected components or parts that work together to achieve a specific purpose or function.

Part of speech





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Meaning: system

Il sistema operativo controlla tutte le funzioni del computer.

The operating system controls all the functions of the computer.

Meaning: method

Abbiamo bisogno di un sistema per risolvere questo problema.

We need a method to solve this problem.

Meaning: scheme

Hanno sviluppato un nuovo sistema per aumentare la produttività.

They have developed a new scheme to increase productivity.

Meaning: organization

L'azienda ha implementato un sistema di gestione dei progetti.

The company has implemented a project management organization.

Meaning: set

Ho comprato un sistema di pentole nuove per la mia cucina.

I bought a new set of pots for my kitchen.


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A1: Il sistema solare è composto da otto pianeti.

A1: The solar system is composed of eight planets.

A1: Ho bisogno di un sistema per organizzare i miei documenti.

A1: I need a system to organize my documents.

A1: Il sistema immunitario ci protegge dalle malattie.

A1: The immune system protects us from diseases.

B1: Nel mio lavoro, devo utilizzare un sistema di gestione dei progetti.

B1: In my job, I have to use a project management system.

B1: Il governo sta implementando un nuovo sistema fiscale.

B1: The government is implementing a new tax system.

B2: La mia macchina ha un sistema di navigazione integrato.

B2: My car has an integrated navigation system.

C1: Il sistema politico attuale necessita di riforme significative.

C1: The current political system needs significant reforms.

C1: La società sta cercando un nuovo sistema energetico sostenibile.

C1: Society is looking for a new sustainable energy system.

C2: Gli scienziati stanno studiando il sistema nervoso umano per comprendere meglio il funzionamento del cervello.

C2: Scientists are studying the human nervous system to better understand how the brain works.

Advanced Description

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The concept of sistema can be applied to various fields, such as technology, biology, economics, and politics. In technology, a sistema can refer to a computer system or network of devices that work together to perform tasks. In biology, it can refer to the different organs and systems within an organism that work together to maintain life. In economics, it can refer to the economic system of a country or region and how its different components interact with each other. In politics, it can refer to the political system of a country and how its institutions and processes work together to govern.

The term sistema is also used in everyday language in Italy to describe a way of doing things or a particular method. For example, someone might say they have their own sistema for organizing their work or managing their time. This usage reflects the idea that a sistema is not just a collection of parts but also includes the processes and methods used to make those parts work together effectively.

Understanding the concept of sistema is important because it helps us see how different parts of a whole are interconnected and interdependent. By studying systems in different fields, we can gain insights into how they function and how they can be improved or optimized. We can also use this knowledge to design new systems that are more efficient, resilient, and adaptable.

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