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Meaning: soldier

Il soldato è in servizio militare.

The soldier is on active duty.

Meaning: private

Il soldato ha ricevuto una promozione a caporale.

The private has been promoted to corporal.

Meaning: trooper

Il soldato sta pattugliando il territorio.

The trooper is patrolling the area.

Meaning: warrior

Il soldato si prepara per la battaglia.

The warrior is preparing for battle.

Meaning: combatant

Il soldato è stato ferito in combattimento.

The combatant was injured in combat.


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A1: Il soldato è coraggioso.

A1: The soldier is brave.

A1: I soldati marciavano in formazione.

A1: The soldiers were marching in formation.

A1: Mia sorella ha un soldato di plastica.

A1: My sister has a plastic soldier.

B1: I soldati si sono addestrati per mesi prima della missione.

B1: The soldiers trained for months before the mission.

B1: Durante la guerra, molti soldati hanno perso la vita.

B1: During the war, many soldiers lost their lives.

B2: I soldati stavano combattendo quando sono arrivati i rinforzi.

B2: The soldiers were fighting when the reinforcements arrived.

B2: Il soldato ha difeso il suo paese con onore e valore.

B2: The soldier defended his country with honor and valor.

C1: Dopo anni di servizio militare, il soldato è stato promosso a generale.

C1: After years of military service, the soldier was promoted to general.

C1: Il soldato ha ricevuto una medaglia al valore per il suo coraggio sul campo di battaglia.

C1: The soldier received a medal of valor for his courage on the battlefield.

C2: Il soldato ha dimostrato una straordinaria abilità tattica durante la guerra.

C2: The soldier demonstrated extraordinary tactical ability during the war.

Advanced Description

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A 'soldato' is an Italian noun that translates to 'soldier' in English. It refers to a person who serves in the military and is trained to fight, defend, and protect their country.

In Italy, the term 'soldato' can be used to describe soldiers in various branches of the armed forces, including the army, navy, air force, and special forces. These individuals undergo rigorous training to develop skills in combat, weapons handling, teamwork, and discipline.

Soldati play a crucial role in maintaining national security and often serve in peacekeeping missions or participate in international military operations. They are expected to follow orders from their superiors and uphold the values and principles of their respective armed forces.

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