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Meaning: salary

Il mio soldo è aumentato quest'anno.

My salary has increased this year.

Meaning: coin

Ho trovato un vecchio soldo nel cassetto.

I found an old coin in the drawer.

Meaning: money

Non ho abbastanza soldi per comprare quella macchina.

I don't have enough money to buy that car.


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A1: Ho un soldo in tasca.

A1: I have one coin in my pocket.

A1: Il soldo è una vecchia moneta italiana.

A1: The soldo is an old Italian coin.

A1: Quanto costa? - Cinque soldi.

A1: How much does it cost? - Five cents.

B1: Prima della creazione dell'euro, il soldo era la valuta italiana.

B1: Before the creation of the euro, the soldo was the Italian currency.

B1: Mia nonna mi ha regalato una banconota da dieci soldi.

B1: My grandmother gave me a ten-cent banknote as a gift.

B2: Nel passato, il soldo veniva utilizzato per fare acquisti quotidiani.

B2: In the past, the soldo was used for everyday purchases.

C1: La svalutazione del soldo ha causato problemi economici nel paese.

C1: The devaluation of the soldo caused economic problems in the country.

C1: Durante l'inflazione, il valore del soldo diminuiva rapidamente.

C1: During inflation, the value of the soldo decreased rapidly.

C2: Il soldo è stato gradualmente sostituito dall'euro come valuta ufficiale.

C2: The soldo has been gradually replaced by the euro as the official currency.

Advanced Description

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The word "soldo" is an Italian noun that refers to a historical unit of currency in Italy. It was used during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, particularly in the Republic of Venice.

The soldo was a small silver coin that had different values depending on the region and time period. It was often used as a means of payment for goods and services, and it played an important role in the economy of medieval Italy.

Over time, the soldo lost its value and was eventually replaced by other currencies. However, it remains an interesting part of Italian history and serves as a reminder of the economic systems that existed centuries ago.

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