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Meaning: lonely

Mi sento solitario senza di te.

I feel lonely without you.

Meaning: solitary

Ho trovato un luogo solitario dove posso riflettere.

I found a solitary place where I can reflect.

Meaning: single

Sono ancora solitario, non ho ancora trovato la persona giusta.

I am still single, I haven't found the right person yet.

Meaning: lone

Il lupo solitario si aggira nella foresta.

The lone wolf roams in the forest.

Meaning: isolated

La piccola città è situata in una zona solitaria delle montagne.

The small town is located in an isolated area of the mountains.


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Sono un solitario.

I am a loner.

Mi piace fare lunghe passeggiate solitarie sulla spiaggia.

I enjoy taking long solitary walks on the beach.

La mia gatta è una creatura solitaria.

My cat is a solitary creature.

Dopo la rottura, si sentiva molto solitario.

After the breakup, he felt very lonely.

Il vecchio signore viveva in una casa solitaria nel bosco.

The old man lived in a lonely house in the woods.

La solitaria strada di campagna era avvolta dal silenzio.

The lonely country road was enveloped in silence.

Ha trascorso una serata solitaria a leggere un libro.

He spent a solitary evening reading a book.

La ragazza si sentiva solitaria nella grande città.

The girl felt lonely in the big city.

Il viaggiatore solitario attraversò il deserto senza compagnia.

The lone traveler crossed the desert without company.

Advanced Description

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The Italian adjective 'solitario' translates to 'solitary' in English. It is used to describe something or someone that is alone, isolated, or prefers to be alone.

In the context of nature, 'solitario' can refer to a solitary animal that lives and hunts alone, such as a lone wolf or a solitary eagle. It can also describe a plant that grows in isolation, away from other plants.

When used to describe a person, 'solitario' can indicate someone who enjoys spending time alone and finds solitude comforting. It can also imply a sense of loneliness or social isolation.

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