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Solo is an Italian adverb that means 'only' or 'just'. It is used to indicate the exclusivity of something or someone, or to emphasize that there are no other options or alternatives.

Part of speech



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Meaning: only

Ho solo una mela.

I only have one apple.

Meaning: just

Ho appena finito il mio lavoro, solo in tempo per la pausa pranzo.

I just finished my work, just in time for lunch break.

Meaning: alone

Mi piace camminare da solo nel parco.

I like to walk alone in the park.

Meaning: solitary

Il leone è un animale solitario.

The lion is a solitary animal.


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A1: Ho solo una penna.

I only have one pen.

A2: Voglio solo un caffè, per favore.

I only want a coffee, please.

A2: Parlo solo un po' di italiano.

I only speak a little Italian.

B1: Ho visto solo il primo episodio della serie.

I only watched the first episode of the series.

B2: Sono andato al cinema solo una volta quest'anno.

I only went to the cinema once this year.

B2: Ho lavorato solo per due ore stamattina.

I only worked for two hours this morning.

C1: Solo quando ho iniziato a viaggiare ho capito quanto sia grande il mondo.

Only when I started traveling did I realize how big the world is.

C2: Non solo ha vinto la gara, ma ha anche battuto il record mondiale.

Not only did he win the race, but he also broke the world record.

C2: Se solo avessi saputo prima che era così facile, avrei risolto il problema molto tempo fa.

If only I had known earlier that it was so easy, I would have solved the problem a long time ago.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, solo can be used in various contexts and situations. For example, if you want to say that you only speak Italian, you can say 'Parlo solo italiano'. This means that you don't speak any other language besides Italian. Similarly, if you want to say that you only eat pizza for lunch, you can say 'Mangio solo la pizza a pranzo'. This implies that you don't eat anything else for lunch except pizza.

Solo can also be used to express limitations or restrictions. For instance, if a store has a sign that says 'Solo contanti', it means that they only accept cash payments. If you see a notice that says 'Accesso solo per il personale autorizzato', it means that only authorized personnel are allowed to enter.

Moreover, solo can be used to emphasize the uniqueness or singularity of something or someone. For example, if you want to say that your grandmother is the only one who knows how to make a certain dish, you can say 'Mia nonna sa fare questo piatto solo lei'. This emphasizes the fact that your grandmother is the only person who knows how to make that dish.

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