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"sopportare" Italian translation




to tolerate or endure something, often with difficulty

Part of speech



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Meaning: to tolerate

Non sopporto il rumore.

I can't stand the noise.

Meaning: to bear

Sopporta il peso della responsabilità.

He bears the weight of responsibility.

Meaning: to endure

Sopporterò qualsiasi cosa per te.

I will endure anything for you.

Meaning: to support

La tua famiglia ti sopporterà sempre.

Your family will always support you.

Meaning: to suffer

Non posso sopportare questa sofferenza.

I can't bear this suffering.



  • io sopporto
  • tu sopporti
  • lui/lei sopporta
  • noi sopportiamo
  • voi sopportate
  • loro sopportano


  • io ho sopportato
  • tu hai sopportato
  • lui/lei ha sopportato
  • noi abbiamo sopportato
  • voi avete sopportato
  • loro hanno sopportato


  • io sopporterò
  • tu sopporterai
  • lui/lei sopporterà
  • noi sopporteremo
  • voi sopporterete
  • loro sopporteranno


  • io avevo sopportato
  • tu avevi sopportato
  • lui/lei aveva sopportato
  • noi avevamo sopportato
  • voi avevate sopportato
  • loro avevano sopportato

Simple Past

  • io sopportai
  • tu sopportasti
  • lui/lei sopportò
  • noi sopportammo
  • voi sopportaste
  • loro sopportarono


This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

A1: Non sopporto il caldo.

I can't stand the heat.

A1: Sopporto bene lo stress.

I handle stress well.

A1: Mia sorella non sopporta i cani.

My sister can't stand dogs.

B1: Ho sopportato le sue lamentele per troppo tempo.

I put up with his complaints for too long.

B1: Non avrei mai sopportato un lavoro così stressante.

I would have never endured such a stressful job.

B1: Sto sopportando la situazione, ma è difficile.

I am coping with the situation, but it's hard.

C1: Avevo sopportato molte difficoltà prima di raggiungere il successo.

I had endured many hardships before achieving success.

C1: Sopporteremo qualsiasi sfida che ci si presenterà.

We will face any challenge that comes our way.

C1: Se avessi saputo quanto avrei dovuto sopportare, non sarei partito.

If I had known how much I would have to endure, I wouldn't have left.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb 'sopportare' in Italian means 'to tolerate' or 'to endure'. It is used to describe the act of putting up with something or someone, often despite difficulties or hardships. Sopportare implies a certain level of patience and resilience in dealing with unpleasant situations or people.

For example, if someone says 'Non sopporto il rumore', it means 'I can't stand the noise' or 'I can't tolerate the noise'. In this context, sopportare conveys a sense of annoyance or frustration towards the noise that is being endured.

Sopportare can also be used in a more general sense to refer to enduring or bearing with any kind of hardship, whether physical, emotional, or mental. It implies a willingness to persevere and withstand challenging circumstances.

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