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thin, delicate, or subtle

Part of speech



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Meaning: thin

Questa carta è molto sottile.

This paper is very thin.

Meaning: subtle

Ha fatto un commento sottile che ha colto tutti di sorpresa.

He made a subtle comment that caught everyone by surprise.

Meaning: delicate

La porcellana è un materiale molto sottile.

Porcelain is a very delicate material.

Meaning: slender

La ragazza ha una figura sottile.

The girl has a slender figure.

Meaning: fine

Il vino ha un sapore sottile e raffinato.

The wine has a fine and refined taste.


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La penna è sottile.

The pen is thin.

Ho comprato una camicia sottile.

I bought a thin shirt.

Il foglio di carta è molto sottile.

The sheet of paper is very thin.

La mia amica ha un gusto molto sottile.

My friend has a very refined taste.

Il vino ha un aroma sottile ma persistente.

The wine has a subtle but persistent aroma.

L'artista ha realizzato un dipinto sottile e delicato.

The artist created a subtle and delicate painting.

Il profumo del fiore si diffonde in modo sottile nell'aria.

The scent of the flower spreads subtly in the air.

Il detective ha seguito una pista sottile per risolvere il caso.

The detective followed a subtle clue to solve the case.

La differenza tra i due concetti è molto sottile.

The difference between the two concepts is very subtle.

Advanced Description

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The Italian adjective 'sottile' is used to describe something that is thin, delicate, or subtle. It can refer to physical objects, such as a thin piece of paper or a delicate fabric. For example, you might say 'una sottile fetta di pane' (a thin slice of bread) or 'un tessuto sottile' (a delicate fabric).

In addition to its physical meaning, 'sottile' can also be used to describe something that is subtle or nuanced. For instance, you could use it to talk about a person's subtle way of speaking or a subtle difference between two similar things. An example sentence could be 'ha una voce sottile' (he/she has a soft voice) or 'c'è una sottile differenza tra i due modelli' (there is a subtle difference between the two models).

Overall, 'sottile' is a versatile adjective in Italian that can be used to describe both physical and abstract qualities. Its meaning depends on the context in which it is used, but it generally conveys the idea of something being thin, delicate, or subtle.

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