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Spazio is an Italian noun that translates to space in English. It refers to the physical and conceptual area or extent in which objects, events, and phenomena exist and occur.

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Meaning: space

Il mio ufficio è molto piccolo, non ho abbastanza spazio per lavorare.

My office is very small, I don't have enough space to work.

Meaning: room

La casa ha tre camere da letto e un ampio spazio comune.

The house has three bedrooms and a spacious common room.

Meaning: area

Questo parco offre uno spazio verde dove rilassarsi.

This park offers a green area to relax.

Meaning: gap

C'è uno spazio tra le due case che potrebbe essere utilizzato per costruire un giardino.

There is a gap between the two houses that could be used to build a garden.

Meaning: time

Abbiamo bisogno di più spazio per completare il progetto in tempo.

We need more time to complete the project on time.


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A1: Ho bisogno di spazio per mettere i miei libri.

A1: I need space to put my books.

A1: C'è abbastanza spazio nel cassetto per i tuoi vestiti.

A1: There is enough space in the drawer for your clothes.

A1: Il mio ufficio è piccolo, non ho molto spazio.

A1: My office is small, I don't have much space.

B1: La casa ha uno spazio aperto che può essere utilizzato come giardino.

B1: The house has an open space that can be used as a garden.

B1: Abbiamo deciso di ampliare la cucina per avere più spazio per cucinare.

B1: We decided to expand the kitchen to have more space for cooking.

B1: L'ufficio è stato riorganizzato per creare uno spazio di lavoro più efficiente.

B1: The office was rearranged to create a more efficient workspace.

C1: Nel futuro, gli astronauti potrebbero vivere nello spazio per periodi prolungati.

C1: In the future, astronauts could live in space for extended periods of time.

C1: La compagnia sta cercando di sfruttare lo spazio pubblicitario sui social media.

C1: The company is trying to leverage advertising space on social media.

C1: L'artista ha utilizzato lo spazio negativo nella sua opera per creare un effetto visivo interessante.

C1: The artist used negative space in his artwork to create an interesting visual effect.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, spazio can refer to both physical and abstract concepts of space. In its physical sense, it can refer to the three-dimensional area that surrounds us, including outer space, as well as the space within buildings or rooms. In its abstract sense, it can refer to the conceptual space that exists between people or ideas.

The concept of spazio has played a significant role in Italian art and design. The use of space is often considered just as important as the objects themselves, with artists and designers carefully considering how their work interacts with the surrounding environment. This can be seen in everything from architecture to fashion.

In everyday conversation, spazio can also be used metaphorically to describe a sense of freedom or opportunity. For example, someone might say they need more spazio in their life to pursue their passions or achieve their goals.

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