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"spento" Italian translation


turned off


The Italian adjective spento means extinguished or turned off.

Part of speech



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Meaning: extinguished

La candela è spenta.

The candle is extinguished.

Meaning: dull

Il colore della parete è troppo spento.

The color of the wall is too dull.

Meaning: spent

Sono completamente spento dopo la lunga camminata.

I am completely spent after the long walk.

Meaning: off

Ho dimenticato di spegnere il fornello, è rimasto acceso tutta la notte.

I forgot to turn off the stove, it stayed on all night.


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A1: La luce è spenta.

The light is off.

A1: Ho spento il computer.

I turned off the computer.

A2: Il fuoco si è spento.

The fire went out.

B1: Ho appena spento la musica.

I just turned off the music.

B1: Sei sicuro di aver spento il gas?

Are you sure you turned off the gas?

B2: Dopo aver speso tutta la giornata a lavorare, mi sento completamente spento.

After spending the whole day working, I feel completely exhausted.

C1: L'incendio ha spento molte vite umane e distrutto intere città.

The fire extinguished many human lives and destroyed entire cities.

C1: Non riesco a spegnere i miei pensieri e mi sento sempre più ansioso.

I can't turn off my thoughts and I feel more and more anxious.

C2: Questa malattia ha spento ogni speranza di guarigione.

This illness has extinguished any hope of recovery.

Advanced Description

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Spento is a term commonly used to describe the state of something that was once on, but has been turned off. For example, a light bulb that is no longer emitting light can be described as spento. Similarly, an electronic device that has been powered down can also be referred to as spento.

In addition to its literal meaning, spento can also be used figuratively to describe a lack of energy or enthusiasm. For instance, if someone appears tired or disinterested in a conversation, they may be described as having a spento demeanor.

It's worth noting that the word spento is often used in everyday conversation in Italy and is considered a basic vocabulary word. As such, it's important for anyone learning Italian to become familiar with its usage and meaning.

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