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"spingere" Italian translation




to push

Part of speech



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Meaning: to push

Ho bisogno di spingere la macchina fuori dal parcheggio.

I need to push the car out of the parking lot.

Meaning: to promote

L'azienda sta cercando di spingere il nuovo prodotto sul mercato.

The company is trying to promote the new product in the market.

Meaning: to encourage

Mio padre mi ha sempre spinto a dare il massimo negli studi.

My father has always encouraged me to do my best in studies.

Meaning: to shove

Il ragazzo ha spinto il suo amico giù per le scale.

The boy shoved his friend down the stairs.

Meaning: to thrust

Il pugile ha spinto il suo avversario all'angolo del ring.

The boxer thrust his opponent into the corner of the ring.



  • io spingo
  • tu spingi
  • lui/lei spinge
  • noi spingiamo
  • voi spingete
  • loro spingono


  • io ho spinto
  • tu hai spinto
  • lui/lei ha spinto
  • noi abbiamo spinto
  • voi avete spinto
  • loro hanno spinto


  • io spingerò
  • tu spingerai
  • lui/lei spingerà
  • noi spingeremo
  • voi spingerete
  • loro spingeranno


  • io avevo spinto
  • tu avevi spinto
  • lui/lei aveva spinto
  • noi avevamo spinto
  • voi avevate spinto
  • loro avevano spinto

Simple Past

  • io spinsi
  • tu spingesti
  • lui/lei spinse
  • noi spingemmo
  • voi spingeste
  • loro spinsero


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A1: Io spingo la porta.

A1: I push the door.

A1: Lui spinge il carrello.

A1: He pushes the cart.

A1: Lei spinge la sedia.

A1: She pushes the chair.

B1: Ho spinto il cancello per aprirlo.

B1: I pushed the gate to open it.

B1: Stavo spingendo la bicicletta quando ho perso l'equilibrio.

B1: I was pushing the bicycle when I lost my balance.

B2: Spingerò il carrello fino al supermercato.

B2: I will push the cart to the supermarket.

B2: Se continui a spingere, riuscirai a raggiungere l'obiettivo.

B2: If you keep pushing, you will be able to reach the goal.

C1: Dopo aver spinto con tutte le mie forze, la macchina si è finalmente avviata.

C1: After pushing with all my strength, the car finally started.

C1: Mi dispiace di averti spinto così duramente, non volevo farti del male.

C1: I'm sorry for pushing you so hard, I didn't mean to hurt you.

C2: Se avessi spinto di più durante l'allenamento, avrei ottenuto risultati migliori.

C2: If I had pushed harder during the training, I would have achieved better results.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian verb 'spingere' means 'to push' in English. It is a transitive verb, which means it requires a direct object to complete its meaning. The verb can be used in various contexts and situations, such as pushing an object or person physically, exerting pressure or force to move something forward, or figuratively pushing someone to do something.

When using 'spingere' in a physical sense, it implies the action of applying force with one's hands or body to move an object away from oneself or towards a specific direction. For example, you can use 'spingere' to describe pushing a door open, pushing a shopping cart, or pushing someone on a swing.

In a metaphorical sense, 'spingere' can also refer to motivating or encouraging someone to take action or achieve a goal. It can be used to express the idea of urging or pushing someone to do something they may be hesitant about. For instance, you might say 'ho spinto mio amico ad iscriversi al corso di italiano' (I pushed my friend to enroll in the Italian course) to convey the idea of encouraging them.

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