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Meaning: season

In questa stagione piove spesso.

It often rains in this season.

Meaning: series

Ho appena finito di guardare l'ultima stagione della mia serie preferita.

I just finished watching the latest season of my favorite series.

Meaning: crop

La stagione delle olive è arrivata.

The olive crop season has arrived.

Meaning: theater season

Questa stagione teatrale offre molti spettacoli interessanti.

This theater season offers many interesting shows.


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A1: La stagione dell'estate è calda.

A1: The summer season is hot.

A1: Mi piace la stagione dell'autunno per i colori delle foglie.

A1: I like the autumn season for the colors of the leaves.

A1: Oggi è l'ultimo giorno della stagione invernale.

A1: Today is the last day of the winter season.

B1: Durante la stagione estiva, vado sempre al mare.

B1: During the summer season, I always go to the beach.

B1: Ho iniziato a seguire una serie televisiva durante la stagione autunnale.

B1: I started watching a TV series during the autumn season.

B2: Durante la stagione invernale, le temperature scendono sotto lo zero.

B2: During the winter season, temperatures drop below zero.

C1: La stagione dei matrimoni inizia di solito a maggio e termina a settembre.

C1: The wedding season usually starts in May and ends in September.

C1: La squadra di calcio ha avuto una buona stagione vincendo molti trofei.

C1: The football team had a good season winning many trophies.

C2: Durante la stagione delle piogge, le strade possono allagarsi facilmente.

C2: During the rainy season, roads can easily flood.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The noun 'stagione' in Italian translates to 'season' in English. It refers to one of the four divisions of the year, characterized by particular weather conditions and changes in nature.

In Italy, each season has its own unique characteristics and is associated with different activities, traditions, and celebrations. For example, spring ('primavera') is a time when flowers bloom, temperatures rise, and people celebrate Easter. Summer ('estate') is known for its warm weather, beach vacations, and outdoor festivals. Autumn ('autunno') is marked by falling leaves, harvest festivals, and the start of school. Winter ('inverno') brings cold temperatures, snowfall, and Christmas festivities.

Understanding the concept of 'stagione' is important when discussing topics related to weather, clothing, food, and cultural events in Italy. It helps provide context and allows for better communication when talking about specific times of the year or planning activities accordingly.

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