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Stampare is an Italian verb which means to print or to stamp.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to print

Devo stampare questo documento per la riunione.

I need to print this document for the meeting.

Meaning: to press

Devi stampare forte per fare un'impronta.

You need to press hard to make an imprint.

Meaning: to step on

Non devi stampare i fiori nel prato.

You shouldn't step on the flowers in the lawn.

Meaning: to mint (coins)

L'ufficio delle monete sta stampando nuove monete da 1 euro.

The mint is printing new 1 euro coins.



  • io stampo
  • tu stampi
  • egli/ella stampa
  • noi stampiamo
  • voi stampate
  • essi/esse stampano


  • io ho stampato
  • tu hai stampato
  • egli/ella ha stampato
  • noi abbiamo stampato
  • voi avete stampato
  • essi/esse hanno stampato


  • io stamperò
  • tu stamperai
  • egli/ella stamperà
  • noi stamperemo
  • voi stamperete
  • essi/esse stamperanno


  • io avevo stampato
  • tu avevi stampato
  • egli/ella aveva stampato
  • noi avevamo stampato
  • voi avevate stampato
  • essi/esse avevano stampato

Simple Past

  • io stampai
  • tu stampasti
  • egli/ella stampò
  • noi stampammo
  • voi stampaste
  • essi/esse stamparono


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A1: Io stampo il documento.

I print the document.

A1: Lei stampa la foto.

She prints the photo.

A2: Noi stampiamo i biglietti.

We print the tickets.

B1: Stamperò il contratto domani mattina.

I will print the contract tomorrow morning.

B1: Hai stampato le foto della vacanza?

Did you print the photos of the vacation?

B2: Avevo appena stampato il documento quando si è verificato un errore.

I had just printed the document when an error occurred.

C1: Stamperesti questo file per favore? Non riesco ad accedere alla stampante.

Would you print this file please? I can't access the printer.

C1: Se avessimo più tempo, potremmo stampare una copia di backup del progetto.

If we had more time, we could print a backup copy of the project.

C2: Dopo aver stampato il manoscritto, l'autore lo consegnò all'editore per la pubblicazione.

After printing the manuscript, the author handed it over to the publisher for publication.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In the modern world, stampare is a common verb used in offices and homes alike. It refers to the process of printing documents or images onto paper using a printer. The word can also be used in the context of stamping designs or patterns onto fabrics or other materials.

The origins of the word stampare can be traced back to the Latin word 'stamprare', which means to impress or to mark with a stamp. In Italy, the word has been used for centuries to describe the process of printing books and other written works. Today, it is also commonly used in the field of graphic design and art.

When using the verb stampare, it's important to note that it is a regular -are verb in Italian. This means that its conjugation follows a predictable pattern, making it easier for learners of the language to use correctly. Additionally, like many Italian verbs, it can be used reflexively by adding the pronoun 'si' before the verb.

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