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Stato is an Italian noun that translates to 'state' in English. It refers to a political entity or organization that exercises authority and control over a defined territory and its inhabitants.

Part of speech





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Meaning: state

Il mio stato di salute è buono.

My state of health is good.

Meaning: status

Ha ottenuto uno stato sociale elevato.

He has achieved a high social status.

Meaning: condition

Il tuo stato fisico influisce sulla tua performance sportiva.

Your physical condition affects your sports performance.

Meaning: government

Lo stato italiano ha adottato nuove misure per contrastare la criminalità.

The Italian government has adopted new measures to combat crime.

Meaning: country

L'Italia è uno stato membro dell'Unione Europea.

Italy is a member state of the European Union.


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A1: Il mio stato di salute è buono.

My health is good.

A1: Qual è il tuo stato civile?

What is your marital status?

A1: Ho bisogno di sapere lo stato del mio ordine.

I need to know the status of my order.

B1: Sono appena arrivato nello stato di New York.

I have just arrived in the state of New York.

B1: La mia famiglia si è trasferita in un altro stato l'anno scorso.

My family moved to another state last year.

B2: Lui ha vissuto in uno stato di povertà per molti anni.

He lived in a state of poverty for many years.

C1: Lo stato attuale dell'economia globale è preoccupante.

The current state of the global economy is worrisome.

C1: Il governo sta cercando di migliorare lo stato delle infrastrutture nel paese.

The government is trying to improve the state of infrastructure in the country.

C2: La situazione politica nel nostro paese è in uno stato di caos totale.

The political situation in our country is in a state of total chaos.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, stato is commonly used to refer to the Italian state or government. The term can also be used to describe other states or nations, such as the United States of America (Stati Uniti d'America) or the Vatican City State (Stato della Città del Vaticano).

The concept of stato has played a significant role in Italian history and politics. Italy was unified as a single stato in 1861, after centuries of being divided into various city-states and kingdoms. The idea of a centralized stato was seen as crucial for creating a sense of national identity and promoting economic development.

Today, the term stato is often used in discussions about the relationship between the central government and regional authorities in Italy. There is ongoing debate about the appropriate balance of power between these entities, with some arguing for greater autonomy for regions like Lombardy and Veneto.

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