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Stella is an Italian noun that translates to star in English. It refers to a luminous celestial body that is visible from Earth and appears as a point of light in the night sky.

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Meaning: star

La stella brilla nel cielo notturno.

The star shines in the night sky.

Meaning: celebrity

La stella del cinema è molto famosa.

The movie star is very famous.

Meaning: mark

Ho messo una stella accanto al mio libro preferito.

I put a mark next to my favorite book.

Meaning: flower

Le stelle di Natale sono piante molto belle.

Poinsettias are very beautiful flowers.

Meaning: point

Quel ristorante ha ricevuto cinque stelle dalla guida gastronomica.

That restaurant received five stars from the food guide.


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A1: La stella brilla nel cielo.

A1: The star shines in the sky.

A1: Ho visto una stella cadente ieri sera.

A1: I saw a shooting star last night.

A1: Mia figlia ha un vestito con una stella sul petto.

A1: My daughter has a dress with a star on the chest.

B1: Spero di poter vedere una stella cadente questa notte.

B1: I hope to be able to see a shooting star tonight.

B1: La stella del cinema ha vinto numerosi premi per la sua interpretazione.

B1: The movie star has won numerous awards for her performance.

B2: Quando ero giovane, sognavo di diventare una stella della musica.

B2: When I was young, I dreamed of becoming a music star.

C1: La stella polare indica sempre il nord.

C1: The North Star always indicates the north.

C1: Il cantante si è esibito davanti a migliaia di fan entusiasti che lo acclamavano come una vera stella.

C1: The singer performed in front of thousands of enthusiastic fans who hailed him as a true star.

C2: La stella del calcio ha segnato un gol spettacolare che ha fatto impazzire gli spettatori.

C2: The football star scored a spectacular goal that drove the audience wild.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, stella is often used metaphorically to refer to a person who is highly regarded or admired, much like a star shining brightly in the sky. For example, one might say 'Lei è una vera stella' (She is a true star) to express admiration for someone's talent or accomplishments.

The word stella also has cultural significance in Italy, particularly in relation to Christmas traditions. The Stella di Natale, or Christmas Star, is a popular symbol associated with the holiday season. It is often depicted as a five-pointed star and used as a decoration on Christmas trees and in other festive displays.

In astronomy, stella is commonly used to describe different types of stars based on their characteristics and properties. For instance, stelle cadenti (falling stars) are actually meteors that burn up upon entering Earth's atmosphere, while stelle filanti (shooting stars) are streaks of light caused by debris from comets or asteroids.

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