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Studio is an Italian noun that refers to a room or space designed for a particular purpose, such as work, art, music, or photography.

Part of speech





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Meaning: study

Mi piace fare studio ogni giorno.

I like to study every day.

Meaning: studio (room)

Il mio amico ha un bello studio in centro città.

My friend has a nice studio apartment downtown.

Meaning: studio (artistic workroom)

L'artista lavora nel suo studio tutto il giorno.

The artist works in his studio all day long.

Meaning: recording studio

La band sta registrando la loro nuova canzone nello studio di registrazione.

The band is recording their new song in the recording studio.

Meaning: office

Vado in studio per incontrare il mio avvocato.

I'm going to the office to meet my lawyer.


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Ho uno studio di registrazione a casa mia.

I have a recording studio at my house. (A1)

Mi piace andare nello studio di yoga per rilassarmi.

I like going to the yoga studio to relax. (A1)

Sto studiando italiano al momento.

I am studying Italian at the moment. (A2)

Devo andare in biblioteca per lo studio.

I have to go to the library for studying. (A2)

Il mio amico ha appena aperto uno studio di architettura.

My friend just opened an architecture studio. (B1)

Stavo studiando quando hai chiamato.

I was studying when you called. (B1)

Dopo aver finito gli esami, voglio fare un anno di studio all'estero.

After finishing exams, I want to do a year of study abroad. (B2)

Spero che tu abbia tempo per venire nello studio fotografico domani.

I hope you have time to come to the photo studio tomorrow. (B2)

Lo studio scientifico dimostra che l'esercizio fisico migliora la memoria.

The scientific study shows that physical exercise improves memory. (C1)

Dopo anni di studio, ha conseguito il dottorato in medicina.

After years of study, she obtained a doctorate in medicine. (C1)

Lo studio approfondito delle opere di Shakespeare richiede tempo e dedizione.

The in-depth study of Shakespeare's works requires time and dedication. (C2)

Advanced Description

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The word studio has its roots in the Latin word studium, which means eagerness or zeal. In modern Italian, the word refers to a workspace or a place where one practices a particular craft or profession. The term can be used to describe a variety of different spaces, from an artist's studio to a recording studio.

In the context of art and design, a studio is typically a space where artists create their work. This can include painters, sculptors, photographers, and other visual artists. Studios may be located in commercial buildings or in private homes, and they can range in size from small rooms to large warehouses.

In addition to art studios, there are also music studios and recording studios. These spaces are designed specifically for musicians and sound engineers to record and produce music. They often feature specialized equipment and soundproofing materials to ensure high-quality recordings. Music studios can be found in both commercial buildings and private homes.

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