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Sudare is an Italian verb which means to sweat or perspire. It refers to the natural process of the body releasing moisture through the skin in response to heat, physical exertion, or stress.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to sweat

Dopo l'allenamento, ho sudato molto.

After the workout, I sweated a lot.

Meaning: to toil

Sudiamo ogni giorno per guadagnare il nostro pane.

We toil every day to earn our bread.

Meaning: to exude

La sua pelle sudava un profumo dolce.

Her skin exuded a sweet scent.

Meaning: to ooze

Il muro sudava umidità a causa della pioggia.

The wall oozed moisture due to the rain.



  • io sudo
  • tu sud(i)
  • lui/lei suda
  • noi sudiamo
  • voi sud(ite)
  • loro sudano


  • io ho sudato
  • tu hai sudato
  • lui/lei ha sudato
  • noi abbiamo sudato
  • voi avete sudato
  • loro hanno sudato


  • io s(u)derò
  • tu s(u)derai
  • lui/lei s(u)derà
  • noi s(u)deremo
  • voi s(u)derete
  • loro s(u)deranno


  • io avevo sudato
  • tu avevi sudato
  • lui/lei aveva sudato
  • noi avevamo sudato
  • voi avevate sudato
  • loro avevano sudato

Simple Past

  • io sudai
  • tu sudasti
  • lui/lei sudò
  • noi sudammo
  • voi sudaste
  • loro sudarono


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A1: Oggi fa caldo, quindi sto sudando molto.

A1: Today is hot, so I am sweating a lot.

A1: Dopo l'allenamento in palestra, mi piace sudare sotto la doccia.

A1: After the gym workout, I like to sweat under the shower.

A2: Quando ho paura, comincio a sudare freddo.

A2: When I'm scared, I start sweating cold sweat.

B1: Durante l'estate scorsa, ho sudato tanto mentre facevo giardinaggio.

B1: During last summer, I sweated a lot while gardening.

B2: Se non ti alleni regolarmente, non riuscirai a sudare abbastanza per perdere peso.

B2: If you don't exercise regularly, you won't be able to sweat enough to lose weight.

B2: Dopo aver corso una maratona, i corridori erano esausti e sudavano copiosamente.

B2: After running a marathon, the runners were exhausted and sweating profusely.

C1: Quando ero giovane, sudavo facilmente anche solo camminando per pochi minuti.

C1: When I was young, I would easily sweat even just by walking for a few minutes.

C1: Durante l'intervista di lavoro, ero così nervoso che sudavo abbondantemente.

C1: During the job interview, I was so nervous that I was sweating profusely.

C2: Dopo aver mangiato cibi piccanti, il mio corpo inizia a sudare e mi sento rinfrescato.

C2: After eating spicy foods, my body starts to sweat and I feel refreshed.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

Sudare is a common bodily function that helps regulate body temperature and maintain hydration levels. When the body becomes too warm, such as during exercise or exposure to high temperatures, it produces sweat as a way to cool down. The sweat glands in the skin release a mixture of water and electrolytes, which evaporates on the surface of the skin and cools the body.

Sudare can also be triggered by emotional or psychological stress, such as anxiety or fear. In these cases, the body releases a different type of sweat that contains more fatty acids and proteins than normal sweat. This type of sweat can have a stronger odor and may be associated with feelings of embarrassment or shame.

In addition to its physiological functions, sudare can also have cultural significance in Italy. Sweating is often seen as a sign of hard work, dedication, and masculinity. In some sports, such as soccer or cycling, players are expected to sweat profusely as a demonstration of their effort and commitment to the game.

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