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"suggerire" Italian translation




"suggerire" means "to suggest" in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: to suggest

Ti suggerisco di provare questo ristorante.

I suggest you try this restaurant.

Meaning: to advise

Mi suggerisce di prendere il prossimo treno.

He advises me to take the next train.

Meaning: to recommend

Suggerisco di leggere questo libro.

I recommend reading this book.

Meaning: to propose

Mi ha suggerito di sposarmi a Venezia.

He suggested that I get married in Venice.

Meaning: to hint

Il professore mi ha suggerito la risposta giusta.

The professor hinted the right answer to me.



  • io suggerisco
  • tu suggerisci
  • lui/lei suggerisce
  • noi suggeriamo
  • voi suggerite
  • loro suggeriscono


  • io ho suggerito
  • tu hai suggerito
  • lui/lei ha suggerito
  • noi abbiamo suggerito
  • voi avete suggerito
  • loro hanno suggerito


  • io avrò suggerito
  • tu avrai suggerito
  • lui/lei avrà suggerito
  • noi avremo suggerito
  • voi avrete suggerito
  • loro avranno suggerito


  • io avevo suggerito
  • tu avevi suggerito
  • lui/lei aveva suggerito
  • noi avevamo suggerito
  • voi avevate suggerito
  • loro avevano suggerito

Simple Past

  • io suggerii
  • tu suggeristi
  • lui/lei suggerì
  • noi suggerimmo
  • voi suggeriste
  • loro suggerirono


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A1: Ti suggerisco di leggere questo libro.

A1: I suggest you read this book.

A1: L'insegnante suggerisce di fare gli esercizi a casa.

A1: The teacher suggests doing the exercises at home.

A1: Mia madre mi ha suggerito di andare a letto presto.

A1: My mother suggested that I go to bed early.

B1: Mi suggerisci un buon ristorante in centro?

B1: Can you suggest a good restaurant downtown?

B1: Ho suggerito a Marco di chiamare il suo amico.

B1: I suggested to Marco to call his friend.

B1: Il professore ci ha suggerito di studiare per l'esame.

B1: The professor suggested that we study for the exam.

C1: Sono stato suggerito come candidato ideale per la posizione.

C1: I was suggested as the ideal candidate for the position.

C1: La guida turistica ci ha suggerito alcuni luoghi da visitare.

C1: The tour guide suggested some places for us to visit.

C1: Gli esperti hanno suggerito una soluzione innovativa al problema.

C1: The experts suggested an innovative solution to the problem.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The verb "suggerire" is commonly used in Italian to express the act of making a suggestion or proposing an idea. It is often used when someone wants to offer advice, recommend a course of action, or propose a solution to a problem.

When using "suggerire", it is important to remember that the verb is transitive and requires both a subject and an object. The subject is the person who is making the suggestion, while the object is the thing or action being suggested.

For example, you could say "Ti suggerisco di leggere questo libro" which translates to "I suggest you read this book." In this sentence, "ti" (you) is the object receiving the suggestion, and "leggere questo libro" (read this book) is the action being suggested.

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