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Meaning: ground

Il cane scavò nel suolo per nascondere l'osso.

The dog dug into the ground to hide the bone.

Meaning: soil

L'agricoltore sta lavorando il suolo per piantare i semi.

The farmer is working the soil to plant the seeds.

Meaning: floor

La sala conferenze si trova al terzo suolo dell'edificio.

The conference room is located on the third floor of the building.

Meaning: land

Il reseconto ha mostrato un aumento di valore delle proprietà sul suolo urbano.

The report showed an increase in property value on urban land.

Meaning: territory

Le truppe nemiche hanno invaso il nostro suolo.

Enemy troops have invaded our territory.


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Il suolo è umido dopo la pioggia.

The ground is wet after the rain.

Ho trovato un tesoro nascosto nel suolo.

I found a treasure hidden in the ground.

La pianta ha bisogno di un suolo fertile per crescere bene.

The plant needs fertile soil to grow well.

Gli agricoltori stanno lavorando per migliorare la qualità del suolo.

Farmers are working to improve the quality of the soil.

L'inquinamento sta danneggiando il suolo e l'ambiente circostante.

Pollution is damaging the soil and the surrounding environment.

È importante proteggere il suolo dall'erosione causata dalla deforestazione.

It is important to protect the soil from erosion caused by deforestation.

La ricerca scientifica sta studiando nuovi metodi per rigenerare il suolo impoverito.

Scientific research is studying new methods to regenerate depleted soil.

Advanced Description

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Suolo is an Italian noun that translates to 'soil' in English. It refers to the upper layer of the Earth's crust, composed of minerals, organic matter, water, and air. Suolo plays a crucial role in supporting plant growth and providing nutrients for living organisms.

In agriculture, suolo is essential for cultivating crops as it provides anchorage for plants and acts as a reservoir for water and nutrients. The quality of suolo can vary depending on factors such as texture, composition, fertility, and pH level. Farmers often analyze suolo properties to determine the suitability for different types of crops and apply appropriate soil management practices.

Furthermore, suolo serves as a habitat for various organisms like bacteria, fungi, insects, worms, and small animals. These organisms contribute to the decomposition of organic matter, nutrient cycling, and maintenance of soil structure. Understanding the characteristics and processes related to suolo is fundamental for sustainable land use and environmental conservation.

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