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Tardi is an Italian adverb that translates to 'late' in English.

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Meaning: late (in time)

Sono sempre in ritardo al lavoro.

I am always late for work.

Meaning: late (in development or progress)

Il progetto è arrivato tardi alla fase di test.

The project arrived late to the testing phase.

Meaning: late (in a delayed manner)

Mi dispiace, ma ho risposto tardi alla tua email.

I'm sorry, but I replied to your email late.

Meaning: late (in a deceased state)

Mio nonno è morto tardi la scorsa notte.

My grandfather passed away late last night.


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A1: Sono arrivato tardi a scuola.

A1: I arrived late to school.

A1: Ho dormito fino a tardi stamattina.

A1: I slept until late this morning.

A2: Oggi ho finito il lavoro tardi.

A2: Today I finished work late.

B1: Non voglio andare a letto così tardi stasera.

B1: I don't want to go to bed so late tonight.

B1: Abbiamo cenato tardi perché eravamo al cinema.

B1: We had dinner late because we were at the movies.

B2: Dopo aver lavorato tanto, mi sono riposato un po' più tardi.

B2: After working so much, I rested a little later.

C1: Mi dispiace di essere arrivato così tardi alla riunione.

C1: I'm sorry for arriving so late to the meeting.

C1: Domani devo alzarmi presto, quindi non posso restare fuori troppo tardi stasera.

C1: Tomorrow I have to wake up early, so I can't stay out too late tonight.

C2: Nonostante sia tardi, non posso rinunciare a finire questo progetto.

C2: Despite it being late, I can't give up on finishing this project.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

In Italian, tardi is commonly used to refer to something that occurs after the expected or desired time. For example, if someone arrives at a party after it has already started, they could say 'sono arrivato tardi' which means 'I arrived late'.

Tardi can also be used to describe a time of day that is later than usual. For instance, if someone usually wakes up at 7am but oversleeps and wakes up at 10am, they could say 'mi sono svegliato tardi' which means 'I woke up late'.

It's important to note that tardi is a relative term and its meaning can vary depending on the context. What may be considered late in one situation may not be considered late in another. Therefore, it's always best to consider the specific context when interpreting the meaning of tardi.

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