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Testa is an Italian noun that translates to 'head' in English. It refers to the uppermost part of the human body, containing the brain, eyes, ears, nose, and mouth.

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Meaning: head

Mi fa male la testa.

My head hurts.

Meaning: mind

Ho cambiato idea, ho cambiato testa.

I changed my mind, I changed my mind.

Meaning: top

La testa della montagna è coperta di neve.

The top of the mountain is covered in snow.

Meaning: leader

È il capo, è lui che comanda la testa.

He's the boss, he's the one who leads.

Meaning: cylinder head

Il meccanico sta lavorando sulla testa del motore.

The mechanic is working on the engine cylinder head.


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A1: La testa è la parte del corpo umano in cui si trovano il cervello e gli occhi.

A1: The head is the part of the human body where the brain and eyes are located.

A1: Ho un mal di testa terribile oggi.

A1: I have a terrible headache today.

A1: Il bambino ha una testa piena di riccioli biondi.

A1: The child has a head full of blonde curls.

B1: Mia sorella ha deciso di tagliarsi i capelli molto corti, ma adesso si pente. Vorrebbe tornare indietro e avere ancora una testa piena di capelli lunghi.

B1: My sister decided to cut her hair very short, but now she regrets it. She would like to go back and have a head full of long hair again.

B1: Durante l'esame, ho avuto un blocco mentale e non riuscivo a mettere le idee in testa.

B1: During the exam, I had a mental block and couldn't get my thoughts straight.

B1: Dopo aver letto quel libro, mi è venuta in testa un'idea per una nuova storia.

B1: After reading that book, an idea for a new story came into my head.

C1: Sono rimasto a bocca aperta quando ho visto il prezzo del biglietto per il concerto. Mi sono chiesto chi potesse permettersi di spendere così tanti soldi per una sola serata.

C1: I was amazed when I saw the price of the concert ticket. I wondered who could afford to spend so much money for just one evening.

C1: Il professore ha detto che l'esame sarà molto difficile e ci metterà alla prova. Dobbiamo prepararci al meglio e mettere in testa tutto quello che abbiamo studiato.

C1: The professor said that the exam will be very difficult and will test us. We need to prepare ourselves well and keep in mind everything we have studied.

C1: La sua testa è piena di idee innovative e originali. È sempre un passo avanti rispetto agli altri.

C1: His head is full of innovative and original ideas. He is always one step ahead of others.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, testa is a commonly used word that can refer to both the physical head as well as the figurative meaning of 'leader' or 'boss'. When used in the context of leadership, it often implies someone who is in charge or has authority over others.

The word testa can also be found in various Italian idioms and expressions. For example, 'mettere in testa' means to put something in one's head or to become obsessed with an idea. Another common expression is 'testa dura', which translates to 'hard-headed' and refers to someone who is stubborn or difficult to persuade.

When learning Italian, it's important to understand the different meanings and uses of words like testa. Whether you're referring to the physical head or using it in a more figurative sense, knowing how to use this word correctly will help you communicate effectively with native speakers.

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