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"testare" Italian translation




To test or try out something in order to determine its quality, effectiveness, or suitability.

Part of speech



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Meaning: To test, to try out

Voglio testare questa nuova ricetta di pasta.

I want to try out this new pasta recipe.

Meaning: To examine, to check

Il medico mi ha testato per vedere se avevo il COVID-19.

The doctor examined me to see if I had COVID-19.

Meaning: To challenge, to provoke

Non mi piace come hai parlato a mia sorella. Ti sfido a ripetere le stesse parole davanti a lei.

I don't like how you spoke to my sister. I challenge you to repeat the same words in front of her.



  • io testo
  • tu testi
  • lui/lei testa
  • noi testiamo
  • voi testate
  • loro testano


  • io ho testato
  • tu hai testato
  • lui/lei ha testato
  • noi abbiamo testato
  • voi avete testato
  • loro hanno testato


  • io testerò
  • tu testerai
  • lui/lei testerà
  • noi testeremo
  • voi testerete
  • loro testeranno


  • io avevo testato
  • tu avevi testato
  • lui/lei aveva testato
  • noi avevamo testato
  • voi avevate testato
  • loro avevano testato

Simple Past

  • io testai
  • tu testasti
  • lui/lei testò
  • noi testammo
  • voi testaste
  • loro testarono


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A1: Voglio testare la mia nuova macchina fotografica.

I want to test my new camera.

A2: Ho bisogno di testare il mio livello di italiano.

I need to test my level of Italian.

A2: Il medico mi ha detto di testare la mia pressione ogni giorno.

The doctor told me to test my blood pressure every day.

B1: Abbiamo testato diverse strategie per migliorare le vendite.

We tested several strategies to improve sales.

B2: L'azienda sta testando un nuovo prodotto sul mercato europeo.

The company is testing a new product on the European market.

B2: Dopo aver testato il software, abbiamo riscontrato alcuni problemi di compatibilità.

After testing the software, we found some compatibility issues.

C1: Il laboratorio ha testato i campioni di sangue per individuare eventuali anomalie genetiche.

The laboratory tested blood samples to detect any genetic abnormalities.

C2: La NASA sta testando nuove tecnologie per l'esplorazione spaziale.

NASA is testing new technologies for space exploration.

C2: Gli scienziati stanno testando una nuova teoria sulla gravità quantistica.

Scientists are testing a new theory on quantum gravity.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian verb testare is commonly used in the context of testing or trying out something. This can refer to a wide range of activities, from testing a product or service to see if it meets certain standards, to trying out a new recipe to see if it tastes good. The purpose of testare is to evaluate the quality, effectiveness, or suitability of something.

Testare can also be used in a more figurative sense, such as when someone is testing the waters or testing someone's patience. In these cases, the verb refers to the act of exploring or pushing boundaries in order to see what is possible or acceptable. It can also refer to the act of intentionally provoking someone in order to gauge their reaction.

Overall, testare is a versatile verb that can be used in a variety of contexts. Whether you are evaluating a product, experimenting with a new idea, or simply trying to understand someone's limits, testare is a useful tool for exploring and learning about the world around you.

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