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The noun top refers to an upper part or surface of something, typically a garment or container.

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Meaning: top (clothing)

Mi piace indossare un top durante l'estate.

I like to wear a top during the summer.

Meaning: top (toy)

Il bambino ha giocato con il suo nuovo top.

The child played with his new top.

Meaning: top (highest point)

La montagna raggiungeva il suo top coperto di neve.

The mountain reached its snow-covered top.

Meaning: top (best or highest level)

L'atleta è arrivato al top della sua carriera.

The athlete reached the top of his career.

Meaning: top (upper part)

Ho messo le chiavi sul top del tavolo.

I put the keys on the top of the table.


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A1: Ho un top blu nel mio armadio.

A1: I have a blue top in my wardrobe.

A1: Mia sorella indossa sempre dei top estivi.

A1: My sister always wears summer tops.

A1: Il top che hai scelto ti sta molto bene.

A1: The top you chose looks very good on you.

B1: Ho comprato un top nuovo per l'estate scorsa.

B1: I bought a new top for last summer.

B1: Sei sicura di aver messo il top nella valigia?

B1: Are you sure you put the top in the suitcase?

B1: Mi piacerebbe trovare un top elegante per la festa.

B1: I would like to find an elegant top for the party.

C1: Sono andata in palestra e ho fatto una serie di dieci push-up al top della mia resistenza.

C1: I went to the gym and did a set of ten push-ups at the peak of my endurance.

C1: La squadra di calcio ha raggiunto il top delle sue prestazioni durante la finale del campionato.

C1: The soccer team reached the peak of their performance during the championship final.

C1: Il cantante ha dato un concerto al top della sua carriera.

C1: The singer gave a concert at the height of his career.

Advanced Description

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In the context of clothing, the top is the uppermost part of a two-piece outfit that covers the torso. It can come in various styles and designs, such as tank tops, blouses, t-shirts, and crop tops. Tops are often paired with bottoms like pants, skirts, or shorts to complete an outfit. They can be made from different materials like cotton, silk, or polyester and can be worn for casual or formal occasions depending on their style.

The word top can also refer to the lid or cover of a container. For example, the top of a jar or bottle is the part that seals it shut. In this sense, top can be used as a verb to mean covering or closing something. Additionally, top can be used as an adjective to describe something that is situated at the highest point or rank, such as a top executive or a top floor apartment.

Furthermore, top can have other meanings depending on the context. For instance, in games like spinning tops or yo-yo, top refers to a toy that spins around an axis. In geography, top can be short for summit or peak, which is the highest point of a mountain or hill. Overall, the meaning of top varies depending on its usage but generally refers to something that is at the uppermost part or surface.

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