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The Italian preposition tra indicates a temporal or spatial relationship between two things, often translated as 'between' or 'among'.

Part of speech



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Meaning: between

Ho lasciato il libro tra i due cuscini.

I left the book between the two pillows.

Meaning: among

Tra i miei amici, lui è il più divertente.

Among my friends, he is the funniest.

Meaning: in

Vivo tra le montagne.

I live in the mountains.

Meaning: during

Tra il 2010 e il 2020 ho viaggiato molto.

During the years 2010 and 2020, I traveled a lot.

Meaning: after

Ci vediamo tra un'ora.

See you in an hour.


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A1: Ho comprato un regalo tra i negozi.

A1: I bought a gift among the shops.

A1: L'appuntamento è tra due ore.

A1: The appointment is in two hours.

A1: Siamo andati al cinema tra amici.

A1: We went to the cinema with friends.

B1: Tra poco arriveranno gli ospiti.

B1: The guests will arrive shortly.

B1: Tra un mese partirò per le vacanze.

B1: I will leave for vacation in a month.

B2: Tra le varie opzioni, ho scelto la più conveniente.

B2: Among the various options, I chose the most convenient one.

C1: Tra il 2010 e il 2020 ho visitato molti paesi diversi.

C1: Between 2010 and 2020, I visited many different countries.

C1: Tra tutti i candidati, lui è quello più adatto per il lavoro.

C1: Among all the candidates, he is the most suitable for the job.

C2: Tra le sue abilità, spiccano la creatività e l'organizzazione.

C2: Among his skills, creativity and organization stand out.

Advanced Description

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Tra is a versatile preposition in Italian that can be used to indicate both time and space relationships. When used to describe time, it can refer to a specific point in time or a duration of time. For example, 'tra le due e le tre' means 'between two and three o'clock', while 'tra un mese' means 'in a month's time'. When used to describe spatial relationships, it can indicate a physical location between two objects or people. For example, 'tra le montagne' means 'among the mountains', while 'tra i due palazzi' means 'between the two buildings'.

It's important to note that tra is often used interchangeably with the preposition fra, which has the same meaning. However, there are some subtle differences in usage. Fra is generally used when referring to a specific number of items (e.g. fra due amici - between two friends), while tra is more commonly used when referring to an unspecified group (e.g. tra gli studenti - among the students). Additionally, fra is considered slightly more formal than tra.

Finally, it's worth mentioning that tra can also be used idiomatically in certain expressions. For example, 'tra parentesi' means 'in parentheses', while 'tra poco' means 'in a little while'. As with any preposition, mastering the various uses and nuances of tra takes time and practice, but it's an essential part of becoming fluent in Italian.

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