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Tre is the Italian word for the numeral three, which represents the quantity or number that comes after two and before four.

Part of speech



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Meaning: Number 3

Ho tre fratelli.

I have three brothers.

Meaning: Third in a sequence

Sono arrivato terzo alla gara.

I came third in the race.

Meaning: A musical note

La canzone inizia con una nota di tre quarti.

The song starts with a three-quarter note.


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A1: Tre è un numero dispari.

Three is an odd number.

A2: Ho tre fratelli.

I have three siblings.

A2: Il triangolo ha tre lati.

The triangle has three sides.

B1: Ho comprato tre libri ieri.

I bought three books yesterday. (Past simple)

B2: Da quando ho iniziato a studiare italiano, ho letto tre libri.

Since I started studying Italian, I've read three books. (Present perfect)

B2: Quando arriverò a casa avrò camminato per tre ore.

When I get home, I will have walked for three hours. (Future perfect)

C1: Sono passati tre anni da quando ho lasciato l'Italia.

It's been three years since I left Italy. (Present perfect)

C2: Se fossi rimasto tre giorni in più, avrei potuto visitare Firenze.

If I had stayed three more days, I could have visited Florence. (Past conditional)

C2: Dopo aver lavorato per tre mesi senza sosta, mi sono preso una settimana di vacanza.

After working non-stop for three months, I took a week off. (Past perfect)

Advanced Description

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In the Italian language, numbers are an essential part of communication. Knowing how to count and use numerals is crucial in everyday life, from telling time to shopping at the market. Tre is one of the most commonly used numerals in Italian, and it's important to understand its meaning and usage.

Tre is a cardinal number, which means it represents a specific quantity rather than an order or position. It can be used to indicate the number of objects, people, or things in a group. For example, if you have three apples, you would say 'ho tre mele' in Italian. Tre can also be combined with other numerals to form larger numbers, such as trenta (thirty) or trecento (three hundred).

In addition to its numerical value, tre is also used in various idiomatic expressions and cultural references in Italy. For instance, 'tre volte' (three times) is a common phrase used to emphasize repetition or frequency. In Italian cuisine, 'tre colori' (three colors) refers to dishes that incorporate the colors of the Italian flag: green (basil), white (mozzarella), and red (tomatoes). Overall, understanding the meaning and usage of tre is essential for anyone learning Italian or traveling to Italy.

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