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Troppo is an Italian adverb that means too much or excessively.

Part of speech



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Meaning: too much, excessively

Ho mangiato troppo al ristorante.

I ate too much at the restaurant.

Meaning: too, overly

Il vestito è troppo grande per me.

The dress is too big for me.

Meaning: very, extremely

La vista dalla cima della montagna è troppo bella.

The view from the top of the mountain is extremely beautiful.


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A1: Questa borsa è troppo pesante per me.

This bag is too heavy for me.

A1: Ho mangiato troppo e ora mi sento male.

I ate too much and now I feel sick.

A1: Non parlo troppo bene l'italiano.

I don't speak Italian too well.

B1: Siamo arrivati troppo tardi per vedere il concerto.

We arrived too late to see the concert.

B1: Non ho mai visto un film così troppo complicato.

I have never seen such a complicated movie.

B1: La mia amica ha comprato una macchina troppo costosa.

My friend bought a car that was too expensive.

C1: Trovo che ci sia troppo rumore in questa città.

I find that there is too much noise in this city.

C1: È troppo facile criticare senza fare nulla per risolvere il problema.

It's too easy to criticize without doing anything to solve the problem.

C1: Se continui a lavorare troppo, finirai per ammalarti.

If you keep working too much, you'll end up getting sick.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, troppo is a versatile word that can be used in various contexts to indicate excessiveness. It is commonly used to express the idea of something being too much or more than necessary. For example, if someone says 'ho mangiato troppo' it means they have eaten too much food.

Troppo can also be used to describe a situation where something is excessive or overdone. For instance, 'il prezzo è troppo alto' means the price is too high. Similarly, 'la festa è stata troppo rumorosa' means the party was too noisy.

It's important to note that troppo can also be used in a positive way to indicate something is very good or excellent. For example, 'questo vino è troppo buono' means this wine is too good. In this context, troppo is used to emphasize the quality of the wine.

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