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Uccello is an Italian noun that translates to 'bird' in English.

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Meaning: bird

L'uccello canta dolcemente nel giardino.

The bird sings sweetly in the garden.

Meaning: penis

Il bambino ha chiesto cosa fosse quell'uccello.

The child asked what that penis was.

Meaning: plane

Guarda, un uccello volante!

Look, a flying plane!


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A1: L'uccello canta nel giardino.

The bird sings in the garden.

A1: Ho visto un uccello sul ramo dell'albero.

I saw a bird on the tree branch.

A1: Gli uccelli volano nel cielo.

Birds fly in the sky.

B1: Mia nonna ha paura degli uccelli.

My grandmother is afraid of birds.

B1: Durante la primavera, gli uccelli migrano verso nord.

During spring, birds migrate northward.

B2: Sono stato svegliato dal canto degli uccelli questa mattina.

I was awakened by the birdsong this morning.

C1: Gli ornitologi stanno studiando il comportamento di migliaia di uccelli nella riserva naturale.

Ornithologists are studying the behavior of thousands of birds in the nature reserve.

C1: L'uccello canoro è noto per il suo complesso repertorio di canti.

The songbird is known for its complex repertoire of songs.

C2: La specie di uccello rara è stata avvistata solo una volta negli ultimi cinquant'anni.

The rare bird species has been sighted only once in the past fifty years.

Advanced Description

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The word uccello is commonly used in the Italian language to refer to any type of bird, whether it be a small sparrow or a majestic eagle. It is derived from the Latin word 'avis', which also means bird. In Italian culture, birds have been a symbol of freedom and beauty for centuries, and are often featured in art and literature.

Uccello can also be used as a surname in Italy, with famous examples including Paolo Uccello, a Renaissance painter known for his use of perspective, and Vittorio Uccello, an Italian footballer who played for Juventus and the Italian national team. The name Uccello may have originated from someone who worked with birds or kept them as pets.

In addition to its literal meaning, uccello can also be used figuratively to describe someone who is flighty or unpredictable, similar to how we might use the word 'bird-brained' in English. However, this usage is less common than the straightforward reference to birds.

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