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Uno is the Italian word for one, which represents the first cardinal number in the numeral system.

Part of speech



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Meaning: number one

Il mio numero di telefono è uno.

My phone number is one.

Meaning: first

Sono arrivato primo alla gara.

I came first in the race.

Meaning: one (as in a single item)

Ho solo uno zucchero rimasto.

I only have one sugar left.

Meaning: the best

Questo ristorante è il numero uno della città.

This restaurant is the number one in town.

Meaning: someone or something unique

Lui è l'unico al mondo, un vero numero uno.

He is the only one in the world, a true number one.


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A1: Uno, due, tre, quattro, cinque.

One, two, three, four, five.

A1: Ho solo uno zucchero.

I only have one sugar.

A1: La mia squadra è la numero uno.

My team is the number one.

B1: Sono stato il primo a finire l'esame.

I was the first to finish the exam.

B1: Mi piacerebbe essere il numero uno nel mio campo di lavoro.

I would like to be number one in my field of work.

B1: Lui ha vinto una medaglia d'oro e una d'argento, ma non ha mai ottenuto il primo posto.

He won a gold medal and a silver one, but he never got first place.

C1: Dopo aver studiato per anni, finalmente ho raggiunto il livello uno della lingua italiana.

After studying for years, I finally reached level one of the Italian language.

C1: Il mio obiettivo è diventare il numero uno nella mia professione entro i prossimi cinque anni.

My goal is to become number one in my profession within the next five years.

C1: Nonostante le difficoltà, ha dimostrato di essere il numero uno nel suo campo.

Despite the difficulties, he has proven to be number one in his field.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, uno is used to represent the number one in various contexts. It is commonly used in mathematics, counting, and measurements. For instance, if you want to say that you have one apple in Italian, you would say 'ho una mela'.

Uno also has cultural significance in Italy. For example, it is often associated with the game of Uno, a popular card game that originated in the United States but gained popularity in Italy as well. Additionally, uno can be used to express emphasis or importance, similar to how we use 'one' in English. For instance, 'sei il numero uno' means 'you are the number one' or 'you are the best'.

Furthermore, uno is an important concept in Italian language learning. As a beginner, mastering numbers is essential for basic communication and understanding. Learning uno can lead to a better understanding of other numbers and their usage in Italian.

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