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Uomo is an Italian noun that translates to 'man' in English. It refers to an adult male human being.

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Meaning: man (adult male)

L'uomo che vedo là è mio padre.

The man I see over there is my father.

Meaning: human being

L'uomo è l'unica specie animale dotata di ragione.

Human beings are the only animal species endowed with reason.

Meaning: husband

Mio marito è un uomo molto gentile.

My husband is a very kind man.

Meaning: servant

L'uomo di servizio ha pulito la stanza questa mattina.

The servant cleaned the room this morning.


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A1: L'uomo è alto.

The man is tall.

A2: L'uomo mangia una mela.

The man is eating an apple.

A2: L'uomo ha un cane.

The man has a dog.

B1: L'uomo che ho visto ieri era molto gentile.

The man I saw yesterday was very kind.

B2: L'uomo sta camminando verso la stazione.

The man is walking towards the station.

B2: Ho incontrato l'uomo che mi hai presentato l'altro giorno.

I met the man you introduced me to the other day.

C1: L'uomo che ha vinto il premio Nobel per la medicina quest'anno è italiano.

The man who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine this year is Italian.

C2: L'uomo che mi ha salvato la vita durante l'incidente stradale era un medico esperto.

The man who saved my life during the car accident was an experienced doctor.

C2: Nonostante le difficoltà, l'uomo ha continuato a perseguire il suo sogno di diventare astronauta.

Despite the difficulties, the man continued to pursue his dream of becoming an astronaut.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, uomo is a commonly used word to refer to a male individual. It can be used in various contexts such as in formal or informal settings, and it is often used in literature and media. The word uomo is also used to distinguish between male and female individuals, where donna is the Italian word for 'woman'.

The use of the word uomo has evolved over time, and it has been used in different ways throughout history. In ancient times, uomo was used to refer to a free man who had certain rights and privileges. During the Renaissance period, the term uomo universale was coined, which referred to a person who had knowledge and skills in various fields such as art, science, and literature.

Today, the word uomo is still widely used in Italy and other parts of the world where Italian is spoken. It is a simple yet powerful word that carries with it a sense of identity and belonging for many people. Whether used in everyday conversation or in more formal settings, uomo remains an important part of the Italian language and culture.

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