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Meaning: egg

Mi piace mangiare l'uovo sodo a colazione.

I like to eat hard-boiled egg for breakfast.

Meaning: testicle

Il calciatore ha subito un duro colpo all'uovo sinistro durante la partita.

The football player took a hard hit to his left testicle during the match.

Meaning: oval shape

La scultura rappresenta un uovo gigante.

The sculpture represents a giant oval shape.

Meaning: unit of measure

La ricetta richiede mezzo chilo di farina, due uova e un litro di latte.

The recipe calls for half a kilogram of flour, two eggs, and one liter of milk.


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A1: Ho comprato un uovo al supermercato.

A1: I bought an egg at the supermarket.

A1: Mia madre ha cucinato gli uova per la colazione.

A1: My mother cooked eggs for breakfast.

A1: Gli uova sono fragili, bisogna stare attenti.

A1: Eggs are fragile, you have to be careful.

B1: Oggi ho mangiato una frittata di uova.

B1: Today I ate an omelette.

B1: Mio padre mi ha insegnato a fare la pasta all'uovo.

B1: My father taught me how to make fresh pasta.

B2: Quando ero giovane, facevo spesso una torta di uova.

B2: When I was young, I used to make an egg cake often.

B2: Domani farò una torta di cioccolato con le uova.

B2: Tomorrow I will make a chocolate cake with eggs.

C1: Dopo aver sbattuto le uova, aggiungi il latte e mescola bene.

C1: After beating the eggs, add the milk and mix well.

C1: Se avessi più tempo, farei una torta di uova al cioccolato.

C1: If I had more time, I would make a chocolate egg cake.

C2: Mi piace sperimentare in cucina, quindi ho creato una ricetta innovativa con le uova.

C2: I like to experiment in the kitchen, so I created an innovative recipe with eggs.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word 'uovo' in Italian translates to 'egg' in English. It refers to the reproductive body produced by female animals, particularly birds, which contains the developing embryo.

In Italian cuisine, uovo is a versatile ingredient that is used in various dishes. It can be cooked in different ways such as boiled, fried, or poached. Eggs are commonly used in breakfast dishes like omelettes and frittatas, but they are also an essential component of pasta dishes like carbonara and tagliatelle alla bolognese.

Uovo is not only a culinary staple but also holds symbolic significance in Italian culture. It is often associated with new beginnings, fertility, and rebirth. During Easter celebrations, eggs are traditionally dyed and exchanged as gifts to symbolize the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

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