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Meaning: steam

L'acqua bollente produce vapore.

Boiling water produces steam.

Meaning: vapor

Il vapore acqueo si condensa in nuvole.

Water vapor condenses into clouds.

Meaning: vapour

Il vapore di questa sostanza è tossico.

The vapour of this substance is toxic.

Meaning: fume

La fabbrica emette vapore nocivo nell'aria.

The factory emits harmful fumes into the air.

Meaning: mist

La nebbia è un tipo di vapore denso.

Fog is a type of dense mist.


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A1: Il vapore è caldo.

A1: The steam is hot.

A1: Mi piace il vapore della doccia.

A1: I like the steam from the shower.

A1: La pentola piena di vapore bollente.

A1: The pot is full of boiling steam.

B1: Ho visto il treno a vapore passare.

B1: I saw the steam train pass by.

B1: Quando ero giovane, i treni a vapore erano comuni.

B1: When I was young, steam trains were common.

B2: Sto aspettando che l'acqua inizi a fare il vapore.

B2: I'm waiting for the water to start steaming.

B2: L'odore del vapore di questa zuppa mi ricorda la mia infanzia.

B2: The smell of the steam from this soup reminds me of my childhood.

C1: Dopo aver cotto la pasta al dente, ho aggiunto il sugo e fatto saltare tutto nel vapore per amalgamare i sapori.

C1: After cooking the pasta al dente, I added the sauce and tossed everything in the steam to blend the flavors.

C1: Il vapore si condensa sulle finestre durante l'inverno freddo.

C1: Steam condenses on the windows during the cold winter.

C2: La locomotiva a vapore è stata una delle invenzioni più rivoluzionarie del XIX secolo.

C2: The steam locomotive was one of the most revolutionary inventions of the 19th century.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word "vapore" is an Italian noun that translates to "steam" in English. It refers to the gaseous state of water when it is heated above its boiling point.

In everyday life, vapore can be observed when boiling water on a stove or when taking a hot shower. The steam that rises from the boiling water or the hot water vapor in the bathroom is vapore.

Vapore has various applications and uses. It is commonly used in cooking to cook food through methods such as steaming. Additionally, vapore is utilized in industrial processes for power generation, sterilization, and cleaning.

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