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Vece is an Italian noun that refers to a turn or shift in a task or duty, often used in the context of work or responsibility.

Part of speech





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Meaning: turn

È il mio turno di giocare a carte.

It's my turn to play cards.

Meaning: time

Ho fatto la spesa due volte questa settimana.

I went grocery shopping twice this week.

Meaning: role

Ha interpretato il ruolo del protagonista nel film.

He played the role of the protagonist in the movie.

Meaning: occasion

Voglio festeggiare il mio compleanno in grande vece quest'anno.

I want to celebrate my birthday in a big way this year.


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A1: Ho bisogno di una vece nuova per il mio telefono.

A1: I need a new voice for my phone.

A1: La sua vece è molto dolce.

A1: Her voice is very sweet.

A1: Non capisco cosa dice la tua vece.

A1: I don't understand what your voice is saying.

B1: Mi piace ascoltare la vece del cantante.

B1: I enjoy listening to the singer's voice.

B1: La vece del narratore era calma e rassicurante.

B1: The narrator's voice was calm and reassuring.

B1: Quando ero giovane, avevo una vece molto acuta.

B1: When I was young, I had a very high-pitched voice.

C1: La vece dell'attore principale ha reso il personaggio ancora più realistico.

C1: The main actor's voice made the character even more realistic.

C1: La sua vece si è spezzata dall'emozione durante il discorso.

C1: His voice broke with emotion during the speech.

C1: La vece della guida turistica risuonava attraverso gli altoparlanti del bus.

C1: The tour guide's voice echoed through the bus speakers.

Advanced Description

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In Italy, vece is a common term used in workplaces and organizations to refer to a rotation of duties or tasks among employees. This means that each worker takes turns performing different roles or responsibilities within the company, ensuring that everyone has a chance to develop new skills and gain experience in different areas.

The concept of vece can also be found in other contexts, such as in communities where members take turns performing certain tasks or organizing events. For example, in some small towns in Italy, there may be a group of volunteers who take turns cleaning up the streets or maintaining public spaces.

Overall, the idea behind vece is one of fairness and equality, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to contribute and share the workload. It emphasizes the importance of teamwork and collaboration, as well as providing opportunities for personal growth and development.

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