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Meaning: sail

La vela si gonfia con il vento.

The sail fills with the wind.

Meaning: candle

Accendi la vela per creare un'atmosfera romantica.

Light the candle to create a romantic atmosphere.

Meaning: velum

Il velo del palato è una parte anatomica della bocca.

The velum of the palate is an anatomical part of the mouth.


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A1: La vela è bianca.

The sail is white.

A1: Ho comprato una vela per la mia barca.

I bought a sail for my boat.

A1: La vela si muove con il vento.

The sail moves with the wind.

B1: Abbiamo issato le vele e siamo partiti.

We hoisted the sails and set off.

B1: La vela si strappò durante la tempesta.

The sail tore during the storm.

B2: Dopo aver navigato per ore, abbiamo ammainato le vele al tramonto.

After sailing for hours, we lowered the sails at sunset.

C1: Le vele della regata erano tutte di colori vivaci.

The sails of the regatta were all brightly colored.

C1: Il vento soffiava forte e le vele sventolavano nel cielo.

The wind was blowing hard and the sails were fluttering in the sky.

C2: Con un abile manovra, il marinaio virò la vela principale per cambiare direzione.

With a skillful maneuver, the sailor jibed the mainsail to change direction.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun 'vela' translates to 'sail' in English. It refers to a large piece of fabric that is attached to a mast or boom on a boat, which catches the wind and propels the vessel forward.

Sails have been used for thousands of years as a means of harnessing wind power for transportation. They are an essential component of sailing vessels, allowing them to navigate through water without relying solely on oars or engines.

In addition to their practical function, sails also play a role in recreational sailing and competitive sailing sports. Different types of sails, such as jibs, mainsails, and spinnakers, are used depending on the direction and strength of the wind.

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