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The Italian adjective verde means green in English.

Part of speech



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Meaning: green (color)

La pianta ha foglie verdi.

The plant has green leaves.

Meaning: green (environmentally friendly)

Preferisco acquistare prodotti verdi.

I prefer to buy green products.

Meaning: green (inexperienced)

È ancora molto verde nel suo lavoro.

He is still very green in his job.

Meaning: green (naive, gullible)

Non essere così verde da credere a tutto quello che ti dicono.

Don't be so green as to believe everything they tell you.

Meaning: green (unripe)

Le mele sono ancora verdi.

The apples are still green.


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A1: La mela è verde.

The apple is green.

A1: Ho una maglietta verde.

I have a green t-shirt.

A1: Il prato è verde.

The grass is green.

B1: Mi piace il tè verde.

I like green tea.

B1: Sto cercando un vestito verde per la festa.

I am looking for a green dress for the party.

B1: La pianta ha cambiato colore ed è diventata verde scuro.

The plant changed color and became dark green.

C1: Il paesaggio era dominato da una lussureggiante foresta verde smeraldo.

The landscape was dominated by a lush emerald green forest.

C1: L'artista ha dipinto un quadro con pennellate di verde acido e giallo brillante.

The artist painted a picture with strokes of lime green and bright yellow.

C1: I miei occhi sono attratti dalle sfumature di verde delle foglie autunnali.

My eyes are drawn to the shades of green in the autumn leaves.

Advanced Description

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Verde is a commonly used word in the Italian language and is often associated with nature, plants, and the environment. It can be used to describe the color of grass, leaves, trees, and other natural elements. In addition, it can also be used to describe objects that are painted or dyed green.

In Italian culture, verde is also associated with luck and good fortune. For example, the Italian flag has three stripes - green, white, and red - with green representing hope, white representing faith, and red representing charity. Additionally, many Italian sports teams have green as one of their primary colors.

When using the word verde in conversation or writing, it's important to keep in mind the gender and number agreement rules of the Italian language. For example, if you're describing a single object that is green, you would use the masculine singular form 'verde'. However, if you're describing multiple objects that are green, you would use the feminine plural form 'verdi'.

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