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Meaning: verse

Ho scritto un bel verso sulla mia poesia preferita.

I wrote a beautiful verse about my favorite poem.

Meaning: toward

Camminiamo verso il mare per goderci il tramonto.

We walk toward the sea to enjoy the sunset.

Meaning: line

Il verso sul foglio non è dritto, devo raddrizzarlo.

The line on the paper is not straight, I need to straighten it.

Meaning: direction

Segui il verso del fiume e arriverai al villaggio.

Follow the direction of the river and you will reach the village.

Meaning: turn

È il tuo verso al gioco, spetta a te tirare i dadi.

It's your turn in the game, it's up to you to roll the dice.


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A1: Il verso del cane è molto rumoroso.

The dog's bark is very loud.

A1: La poesia ha molti versi.

The poem has many verses.

A1: Il verso della mucca è molto caratteristico.

The cow's moo is very distinctive.

B1: Ho scritto un verso sulla mia esperienza di vita.

I wrote a verse about my life experience.

B1: I poeti italiani hanno spesso usato il verso libero.

Italian poets have often used free verse.

B2: La poesia che ho letto ieri sera era composta da versi endecasillabi.

The poem I read last night was composed of hendecasyllabic verses.

C1: Il verso dell'uccello mi ricorda l'estate nella mia città natale.

The bird's song reminds me of summer in my hometown.

C1: Questo poeta contemporaneo sperimenta con nuovi tipi di versi.

This contemporary poet experiments with new types of verses.

C2: L'autore ha utilizzato un verso enjambement per creare un effetto sorprendente nel suo poema.

The author used an enjambment verse to create a surprising effect in his poem.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'verso' translates to 'verse' in English. It refers to a line of poetry or a piece of writing that has a specific rhythm and meter.

In Italian literature, 'verso' is an essential element of various poetic forms such as sonnets, terza rima, and ottava rima. Each verse typically consists of a certain number of syllables and follows a particular rhyme scheme.

Understanding the concept of 'verso' is crucial for appreciating and analyzing Italian poetry. By examining the structure and content of each verse, readers can delve into the deeper meaning and artistic expression conveyed by the poet.

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