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Meaning: journey

Ho fatto un viaggio in treno.

I took a train journey.

Meaning: trip

Sto organizzando un viaggio in Spagna.

I am planning a trip to Spain.

Meaning: travel

Mi piace molto viaggiare per il mondo.

I really enjoy traveling around the world.

Meaning: voyage

Il capitano ha guidato il viaggio attraverso l'oceano.

The captain led the voyage across the ocean.

Meaning: excursion

Abbiamo fatto una breve escursione durante il viaggio.

We took a short excursion during the trip.


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A1: Il viaggio in treno è molto comodo.

A1: The train journey is very comfortable.

A1: Ho prenotato un viaggio in aereo per le vacanze.

A1: I booked a flight for the holidays.

A1: Mi piace fare viaggi in bicicletta.

A1: I like going on bike rides.

B1: Siamo partiti per il nostro viaggio di nozze la settimana scorsa.

B1: We left for our honeymoon last week.

B1: Durante il mio viaggio in Asia, ho visitato molti paesi diversi.

B1: During my trip to Asia, I visited many different countries.

B2: Ho programmato un viaggio in Australia per l'anno prossimo.

B2: I have planned a trip to Australia for next year.

C1: Durante il mio ultimo viaggio, ho sperimentato una cultura completamente nuova.

C1: During my last trip, I experienced a completely new culture.

C1: Il mio sogno è fare un viaggio intorno al mondo.

C1: My dream is to take a trip around the world.

C2: Dopo aver vinto alla lotteria, ho deciso di fare un viaggio di lusso.

C2: After winning the lottery, I decided to take a luxury trip.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'viaggio' translates to 'journey' in English. It refers to the act of traveling from one place to another, typically for a specific purpose or with a particular destination in mind.

'Viaggio' can encompass various modes of transportation, such as traveling by car, train, plane, or even on foot. It can involve both short trips and long-distance travels, depending on the context.

In Italian culture, 'viaggio' holds significance as it represents not only physical movement but also personal growth, exploration, and discovery. It is often associated with adventure, new experiences, and the opportunity to broaden one's horizons.

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