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The Italian adjective 'vicino' means 'near' or 'close'.

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Meaning: near/close

Il supermercato è vicino a casa mia.

The supermarket is close to my house.

Meaning: neighbor/next to

Il mio vicino di casa è molto rumoroso.

My neighbor is very noisy.

Meaning: similar/almost

La sua voce è vicina a quella della madre.

Her voice is similar to her mother's.


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A1: Il supermercato è vicino alla mia casa.

The supermarket is close to my house.

A1: Siamo vicini di casa.

We are neighbors.

A1: Ho visto un gatto vicino al parco.

I saw a cat near the park.

B1: La stazione ferroviaria è molto vicina, possiamo andare a piedi.

The train station is very close, we can walk there.

B1: Siamo stati vicini per anni, ma poi ci siamo separati.

We were close for years, but then we separated.

B1: Mi piace stare vicino al mare d'estate.

I like to be close to the sea in summer.

C1: Non mi sento vicino alle idee politiche del mio capo.

I don't feel close to my boss's political ideas.

C1: La mia famiglia è sempre stata vicina nei momenti difficili.

My family has always been supportive during difficult times.

C1: Sono rimasto sorpreso dalla vicinanza culturale tra i due paesi.

I was surprised by the cultural closeness between the two countries.

Advanced Description

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Vicino is a versatile word that can be used in many different contexts. It is often used to describe physical proximity, such as the distance between two objects or places. For example, if you are standing next to someone, you could say 'Siamo vicini' which means 'We are close/near'. Similarly, if you are talking about the location of a restaurant, you might say 'Il ristorante è vicino alla stazione' which means 'The restaurant is near/close to the station'.

However, vicino can also be used in a more abstract sense. For example, you might use it to describe a relationship between people or things. If two people are good friends, you could say 'Sono molto vicini' which means 'They are very close/near'. Alternatively, if two ideas or concepts are similar, you might say 'Ci sono delle idee vicine tra loro' which means 'There are some ideas that are close/near to each other'.

It's worth noting that there are other words in Italian that can be used to describe proximity, such as 'prossimo' and 'adagiato'. However, vicino is one of the most common and versatile options. Whether you're talking about physical distance or emotional connections, vicino is a useful word to have in your vocabulary.

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