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Vigore is an Italian noun that translates to 'force' or 'strength'. It refers to the physical or mental power that allows someone or something to perform a task or overcome an obstacle.

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Meaning: strength

L'atleta ha dimostrato un grande vigore durante la gara.

The athlete showed great strength during the race.

Meaning: vigor

Il vento soffiava con vigore sulla spiaggia.

The wind was blowing with vigor on the beach.

Meaning: validity

La legge è ancora in vigore e deve essere rispettata da tutti.

The law is still in effect and must be respected by everyone.

Meaning: force

La polizia ha usato il vigore per fermare i manifestanti violenti.

The police used force to stop the violent protesters.


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A1: Il vigore del sole mi fa sentire felice.

The strength of the sun makes me feel happy.

A1: La pianta ha perso il suo vigore a causa della mancanza di acqua.

The plant has lost its vigor due to lack of water.

A1: Ho bisogno di un po' di vigore per affrontare questa giornata.

I need some energy to face this day.

B1: Dopo aver riposato, ho ritrovato il vigore per continuare il mio lavoro.

After resting, I regained the strength to continue my work.

B1: Nonostante la sua età avanzata, conserva ancora il vigore mentale.

Despite his old age, he still retains mental vigor.

B1: L'esercizio fisico regolare può aiutarti a mantenere il tuo vigore fisico.

Regular exercise can help you maintain your physical vigor.

C1: La squadra ha giocato con grande vigore e determinazione durante la partita.

The team played with great vigor and determination during the match.

C1: Il vigore delle onde era così forte che hanno distrutto la barca.

The force of the waves was so strong that they destroyed the boat.

C1: La sua passione per la musica si riflette nel vigore con cui suona il pianoforte.

His passion for music is reflected in the vigor with which he plays the piano.

Advanced Description

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In Italian, vigore can be used in various contexts to describe different types of force or strength. For example, it can refer to the strength of a material, such as a metal rod or a concrete pillar. In this sense, vigore is often associated with durability and resistance to external forces.

Vigore can also refer to the strength of a person's body or mind. For instance, one might say that a professional athlete has great vigore because they are able to perform at a high level for extended periods of time. Similarly, a person who is able to overcome difficult challenges through sheer willpower and determination could be said to possess strong vigore.

Overall, vigore is a versatile word that captures the essence of force and strength in many different contexts. Whether referring to physical materials or human abilities, it conveys a sense of power and resilience that is essential for achieving success in any endeavor.

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