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Meaning: village

Il villaggio è situato in una valle.

The village is located in a valley.

Meaning: resort

Ho prenotato una vacanza in un villaggio turistico.

I booked a vacation at a resort.

Meaning: hamlet

Vivo in un piccolo villaggio di montagna.

I live in a small mountain hamlet.

Meaning: settlement

Questo villaggio è stato fondato molti secoli fa.

This settlement was founded many centuries ago.

Meaning: camp

I bambini si divertono molto al campo estivo del villaggio.

The children have a lot of fun at the summer camp in the village.


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A1: Il villaggio è situato vicino al mare.

A1: The village is located near the sea.

A1: Nel villaggio ci sono molti negozi e ristoranti.

A1: There are many shops and restaurants in the village.

A1: Durante l'estate, il villaggio diventa molto affollato.

A1: During the summer, the village becomes very crowded.

B1: Ho trascorso le mie vacanze in un bellissimo villaggio sulla costa.

B1: I spent my holidays in a beautiful village on the coast.

B1: Stiamo progettando di visitare diversi villaggi storici durante il nostro viaggio.

B1: We are planning to visit several historical villages during our trip.

B2: La mia famiglia ha vissuto in quel villaggio per generazioni.

B2: My family has lived in that village for generations.

C1: Il villaggio in cui sono cresciuto è cambiato molto nel corso degli anni.

C1: The village where I grew up has changed a lot over the years.

C1: Il villaggio è stato devastato da un terremoto, ma ora sta lentamente ricostruendosi.

C1: The village was devastated by an earthquake, but now it is slowly rebuilding.

C2: Il villaggio è famoso per la sua antica architettura e il suo patrimonio culturale.

C2: The village is famous for its ancient architecture and cultural heritage.

Advanced Description

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The word "villaggio" is an Italian noun that translates to "village" in English. It refers to a small settlement or community, typically located in rural areas. Villages are characterized by their close-knit communities and slower pace of life compared to larger towns or cities.

In Italy, villages play an important role in preserving the country's cultural heritage and traditions. Many villages have historical buildings, churches, and landmarks that showcase the rich history and architecture of the region. They often offer a glimpse into traditional Italian life, with charming streets, local markets, and traditional festivals.

Villages are also known for their natural beauty, surrounded by picturesque landscapes such as rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, or coastal views. They attract tourists who seek a more authentic experience of Italy, away from the bustling cities. Some popular Italian villages include Cinque Terre, Positano, and San Gimignano.

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