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Meaning: visit

Ho programmato una visita al museo.

I have scheduled a visit to the museum.

Meaning: appointment

Devo fissare una visita dal dentista.

I need to schedule an appointment with the dentist.

Meaning: tour

Abbiamo fatto una visita guidata alla città vecchia.

We took a guided tour of the old city.

Meaning: inspection

Il responsabile ha effettuato una visita di controllo all'azienda.

The manager conducted an inspection visit to the company.

Meaning: check-up

Mia madre deve fare una visita medica di controllo.

My mother needs to have a medical check-up.


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A1: Ho prenotato una visita al museo.

A1: I booked a visit to the museum.

A1: La visita dal dentista è stata breve.

A1: The visit to the dentist was short.

A1: Vorrei fare una visita turistica della città.

A1: I would like to do a sightseeing tour of the city.

B1: Durante la mia visita in Italia, ho ammirato molti monumenti storici.

B1: During my visit to Italy, I admired many historical monuments.

B2: Mi piacerebbe visitare il Louvre durante la mia prossima visita a Parigi.

B2: I would like to visit the Louvre during my next trip to Paris.

B2: Durante la visita guidata, abbiamo imparato molte cose interessanti sulla storia del castello.

B2: During the guided tour, we learned many interesting things about the history of the castle.

C1: Dopo aver visitato il museo, abbiamo deciso di fare una visita al parco naturale nelle vicinanze.

C1: After visiting the museum, we decided to take a trip to the nearby nature park.

C1: Durante la mia ultima visita a New York, ho avuto l'opportunità di visitare la Statua della Libertà.

C1: During my last visit to New York, I had the opportunity to visit the Statue of Liberty.

C2: Durante la visita medica, il dottore ha rilevato alcuni problemi di salute che richiedono ulteriori esami.

C2: During the medical check-up, the doctor detected some health issues that require further tests.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The Italian noun 'visita' translates to 'visit' in English. It is derived from the verb 'visitare', which means 'to visit'.

In Italian, 'visita' can refer to both a physical visit to a place or person, as well as a formal meeting or inspection. It is commonly used in contexts such as visiting friends or family, visiting tourist attractions, or conducting business visits.

The word 'visita' is also used in medical contexts to refer to a doctor's appointment or examination. For example, when someone goes to see a doctor for a check-up or treatment, they would use the word 'visita'.

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