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Meaning: victory

La vittoria è stata ottenuta con grande fatica.

The victory was achieved with great effort.

Meaning: win

Il nostro team ha ottenuto una vittoria importante oggi.

Our team achieved an important win today.

Meaning: triumph

La sua vittoria personale è stata un trionfo per tutti noi.

His personal triumph was a victory for all of us.

Meaning: conquest

La vittoria militare portò alla conquista di nuovi territori.

The military conquest led to the acquisition of new territories.

Meaning: success

La vittoria in questo progetto sarà il nostro successo più grande.

The victory in this project will be our greatest success.


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A1: La vittoria è mia!

A1: The victory is mine!

A1: Abbiamo ottenuto una grande vittoria.

A1: We achieved a great victory.

A1: La vittoria è stata meritata.

A1: The victory was well-deserved.

B1: Spero che tu possa celebrare la tua vittoria.

B1: I hope you can celebrate your victory.

B1: Dopo molte sconfitte, finalmente ha ottenuto una vittoria importante.

B1: After many defeats, he finally achieved an important victory.

B2: Se non avessi commesso quell'errore, avremmo potuto ottenere la vittoria.

B2: If you hadn't made that mistake, we could have obtained the victory.

C1: La sua vittoria in questa competizione lo ha reso famoso in tutto il mondo.

C1: His victory in this competition made him famous worldwide.

C1: Nonostante le difficoltà, hanno raggiunto una straordinaria serie di vittorie consecutive.

C1: Despite the difficulties, they achieved an extraordinary series of consecutive victories.

C2: La vittoria di ieri ha segnato un punto di svolta nella storia del paese.

C2: Yesterday's victory marked a turning point in the country's history.

Advanced Description

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The Italian noun 'vittoria' translates to 'victory' in English. It is derived from the Latin word 'victoria', which also means victory. Vittoria is a feminine noun and is commonly used to describe the act of winning or achieving success in a competition, battle, or any other endeavor.

In Italian culture, vittoria holds great significance as it represents the triumph over obstacles and the attainment of a desired outcome. It can be used to express joy, pride, and satisfaction after overcoming challenges or accomplishing goals. Vittoria is often associated with celebrations, such as victory parades or ceremonies, where individuals or teams are honored for their achievements.

Vittoria is not limited to physical victories alone; it can also refer to intellectual, emotional, or moral triumphs. It symbolizes the feeling of accomplishment and the sense of fulfillment that comes with achieving one's objectives. Whether it is a personal victory or a collective one, vittoria embodies the spirit of success and serves as a reminder of the rewards that come from perseverance and determination.

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