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Volto is an Italian noun that refers to the face or countenance of a person.

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Meaning: face

Il suo volto era pallido.

Her face was pale.

Meaning: appearance

La sua nuova acconciatura ha cambiato completamente il suo volto.

Her new hairstyle has completely changed her appearance.

Meaning: aspect

Questo problema ha un volto economico e uno sociale.

This issue has an economic aspect and a social one.

Meaning: countenance

Non mi piace il tuo volto arrabbiato.

I don't like your angry countenance.

Meaning: surface

La pittura è stata applicata sul volto della parete.

The paint was applied on the surface of the wall.


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A1: Il mio volto è rosso per il sole.

My face is red from the sun.

A2: Non riesco a riconoscere il volto della persona nella foto.

I can't recognize the person's face in the photo.

A2: Ha un volto simpatico.

He has a friendly face.

B1: Mi piace cambiare spesso il mio taglio di volto.

I like to change my facial hair style often.

B2: Quando ha visto il ladro, ha fatto un volto di sorpresa.

When he saw the thief, he made a surprised face.

B2: La chirurgia estetica può cambiare completamente il tuo volto.

Plastic surgery can completely change your face.

C1: Il suo volto era scolpito dalle rughe dell'età e delle preoccupazioni.

His face was carved by wrinkles of age and worries.

C2: L'artista ha dipinto un volto umano così realistico che sembra quasi vivo.

The artist painted a human face so realistic that it almost seems alive.

C2: Dopo l'incidente, la ragazza ha subito un intervento chirurgico al volto per ricostruirlo.

After the accident, the girl underwent a facial surgery to reconstruct it.

Advanced Description

This is is an experimental feature. Please report any issues.

The word volto is commonly used in Italian to refer to the physical appearance of a person's face. It can be used to describe someone's facial features, expressions, and overall appearance. In Italian art and literature, the term volto is often used to convey emotion and expression through depictions of the human face.

In addition to its literal meaning, volto can also be used metaphorically to refer to the character or personality of a person. For example, one might say that someone has a 'good volto' to mean that they have a kind or pleasant demeanor.

Overall, the word volto is an important term in Italian language and culture, as it represents not only the physical appearance of a person's face but also their emotional and psychological state.

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